• Playandroid Review Packages

  • To increase the download counts of your game, you can book an advertising space on  Please contact our Sales Manager Alexander Schmitt (, if you’re interested in booking an advertising space. The prices for advertising are up to the size of the ad zone and the length of the time period. The following ad zones are available: Wide Leaderboard (970×90), Medium Rectangle (300×250) and the featured “Game of the Day” spot in our sidebar.

    Our preference is for artwork to be supplied as high-resolution press-optimisied PNG files. These files should have all fonts and images embedded in the file. We can also accept Photoshop files.  All production work is undertaken on a PC platform not Apple Mac. Advertising material (less than 15MB) can be sent via e-mail to

  • – is the #1 international service portal for Indie Android developers
    – Playandroid helps young developers and development studios to gain more reach, to boost the downloads and to get professional feedback and support.
    – Playandroid can share the experience of three years of working with Android games. In this time, our staff produced hundreds of reviews, lets play videos and news posts.
    – Playandroid can also refer of a developer network with almost 1000 contacts from all around the world. Be part of it!

Are you interested in a fruitful long-term cooperation? If you want to book a review package, please contact If you’re interested in booking an ad zone, please contact

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