Alien Runner: Update in Google Play Store


Almost a year after the release of “Alien Runner“, the team from Rumble Media presents the long awaited update! Today you can download the new endless runner for Android in Google Play Store.

If you update, you will get these new awesome features:

As you already know, “Alien Runner” is very fast-paced. Whenever you missed a stage and fell, you had to restart immediately. But this ends with the new update – now you can make it further than any alien before!
Now the alien has a new life display in form of three hearts. If you fall or get hit by a missile you will loose one heart. But don’t worry: you have many chances to renew your lifespan.
On your way through the levels you have to watch out for the new projectiles aiming at you. Bomb or comet, if you are to slow you will get shot and loose points and a life!


Alien Runner - Spaceship

The spacehip – one of the new levels


Another feature are the three new levels, which are playable now in “Alien Runner”. Until today our little alien only ran in outer space. Who ever wanted to make a side trip to candy-land or an ice planet, will sure get his way in the new update of “Alien Runner”! In order to conquer these new planets you first have to master the new spaceship-level.
As in the first level there are plenty of items to collect for a better score. Whether you gather lollies, bolts or snowflakes, you sure will get loads of points!
Rumble Media is proud about their work and happy to announce that the update of “Alien Runner” is ready for download on Google Play Store – free and without in-app purchases!


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