Amazing Alex – On Stores Tomorrow


We have an amazing Alex in our team, but Rovio didn’t spy on our office and made a game about him. No, as we reported, they aquired the rights on the admired iOS physics based puzzle game “Casey’s Contraptions” and rebranded it to “Amazing Alex”. The new game will appear on iOS and Android tomorrow.

Alex is a kid with a powerful imagination who creates crazy machines to carry out jobs like cleaning his room or fighting against robots. You can help the smart, blond haired boy to find a fitting solution for 100 puzzles in the new game made by the wizzes behind the success of “Angry Birds“. As in games like “Incredible Machine” or “Apparatus” you can build your own chain reactions with 35 interactive objects and share them with your friends all over the world.

Will you find a solution to get it on your device?


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