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Ever felt like your Android phone just isn’t as snappy as it used to be? You have so much stuff and so many apps on it that you hardly know where to start cleaning up? Your phone’s storage is constantly at max capacity? Then maybe you should try an app that helps you out with exactly those problems. By now there are a few to choose from and it becomes harder and harder to choose the right one for your needs. Today we take a closer look at “The Cleaner” by Liquidum Limited.

Look & Feel

At first glance the tool looks very modern and fresh. The Flat Design is everywhere by now and this app is no exception. That’s not a bad thing though. The whole thing looks polished and modern. Simplicity is key and “The Cleaner” goes all the way. It omits a lot of unnecessary information and keeps the distractions to a minimum. It tells you exactly what you need to know and gives off this special vibe. It combines usefulness and style in a flawless way.


In terms of performance we didn’t encounter anything out of the ordinary. On the contrary, the application seems to run very smoothly and the tasks are done in no time. Switching between tabs is as easy as in any browser. The app did not slow down while we tested it and the separate menus open immediately. The whole app felt snappy and responsive. We did not encounter any kind of lag or slowdown which makes “The Cleaner” even better.

The Cleaner App Screenshot 1


All its features make this app what it is and that is mainly a useful tool. Then again it really is only for a certain type of user with just too many apps running at the same time. Usually Android is quite good at managing its available memory, so the shouldn’t be any third party app needed. Yet too many applications can bog down the whole phone so freeing up memory is sometimes a good thing. The options to clean out the storage is probably more useful, since hardly anyone can keep track of all the temp files or hidden things in an Android system. So “The Cleaner” really comes in handy where the usual stuff does not work or is just too much of a hassle.

So this application does exactly what its name suggests – it cleans up your phone or tablet. Sometimes this is a necessary step and helps the user along the way. This is not something everyone should do on a whim though. Should the need arise for a convenient cleaning tool, “The Cleaner” is one of the better ones. Certainly the most elegant.

People interested in “The Cleaner” should head right over to the Google Play Store and download the tool for free.

The Cleaner - Rating

8.7 Awesome

"The Cleaner" shines with it outstanding performance and modern looks. This makes it one of the prettier tools out there. In terms of usefulness it depends on the user if this application is actually any good for them. Still it managed to impress and that is why we award it with a well-deserved "Awesome"!

  • Look & Feel 9
  • Performance 10
  • Usefulness 7

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