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Do you also think that your Android phone is more than just a piece of technology in your pocket? You’re right. It’s part of your life, your personal life, your private life. And as we all think that privacy has got to be respected, we should use the right technology to protect our smartphones. I mean, who doesn’t worry about the curious eyes of the partner, friends or colleagues? Now, Leo Privacy Guard by Leomaster has declared war on the invasion of our private life and promises to defend our privacy. Let’s see if this will work out fine.

Leo Privacy Guard

Look & Feel

At first glance the privacy guard looks very modern and fresh. The cool blue design, the tidy user interface and the intuitive controls give the app a trustworthy look. It combines usefulness and style in a flawless way. However, as we’re located in Germany, I’ve tried out the German version of this app and I got to confess that the localization is – to put it mildly – in great need of improvement. In fact, there’s no single word in the navigation bar, that’s spelled the right way, but hey – if they are in need of native German speakers, we could offer our services. 🙂


When it comes to the performance we didn’t encounter anything out of the ordinary. The application runs very smoothly on our testing devices (Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy J5, and several tablets) and doesn’t cause any errors. Also the main functions of the app (like locking other apps, hiding images, videos and camouflage SMS and calls) work perfectly fine.


All its privacy features make this app a very useful tool. And if you’re looking at the amount of downloads on Google Play (we’are talking about over 50.000.000 downloads) and the positive feedback on their Facebook page, there seems to be a strong need for this kind of application. Of course there is. No matter if you use the app for personal use or because you’re using an intranet software (like MyHub) for business purposes, safety is always a top priority.

Finally, there is a privacy app, where you just need one click to lock all apps, where you can select between multiple privacy modes and where a privacy alert keeps you informed about your phone safety. To sum it up: It does what it should do, it covers, what you want to cover, it locks, what you want to lock and that’s basically the best reason to use this app.

Are you also looking for a little bit more privacy? Then you should install the Leo Privacy Guard on your smartphone.

LEO Privacy Guard - Rating

8.7 Awesome

It does what it should do, it covers, what you want to cover, it locks, what you want to lock and that's basically the best reason to use this app.

  • Look & Feel 7
  • Performance 9
  • Usefulness 10

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