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Sometimes you need to keep track of the calls, messages, or even locations of certain devices, whether it is the phone of the company or the iPad you give your children. In order to supervise these things you can use the XNSPY software. This software is available for Android and iOS systems alike. Simply install it on the device you need it, log in with your account on the XNSPY Dashboard application and monitor everything!

XNSPY - Spying software



Look and Feel

The app is the dashboard for the software of XNSPY, not the spying software itself. The app is free but the software is not. For one month this is fairly expensive, $49.99 for the basis package, but if you subscribe for a whole year it will only cost $9,99/month. The app is organized simply: on the home screen it lists your tracked devices with the buttons for settings and the report. In the settings you can change what you want to track by clicking on a switch.
The software can also send you alerts for certain things: If you want to track certain words in messages you can simply enter the desired word. Similarly you can set an alert for certain contacts and locations. To track the locations there is an additional comfortable method to set an alert: Just pick the location from Google maps.
Besides setting alerts for words and more, XNSPY can spy on almost everything on the phone or tablet: Calls, files, emails, chats and GPS locations.  You can even record calls and the surroundings of the device. If your device gets stolen or some other incident happens, XNSPY even wipes the data of your phone and locks it. 




The app shows little to no problems regarding performance. When you load a device with a long history of calls, texts or locations, it takes a short time to load. But this loading time has never been longer than one second during our testing phase. Otherwise the app reacts quickly.



Whether or not you think this app is useful depends on how you use it. The app does what it promises – it keeps track of locations and messages of the device with the installed software. But which device do you track? It seems fairly useful to keep track of company property. Also you can secure your own device with the location tracker. Really interesting is the possibility to track the calls and messages of the other device. You could use that to send the messages of your working phone to your private device – but mostly you can keep track of whom your children talk to. If you are worried about certain individuals you can set these people on your track list and will get an alert every time these person contacts your kid. 

The only concern about this is the morality of this usage. The XNSPY software itself is invisible for the user of the tracked device, whether or not you tell your kids that they’re being supervised is entirely up to you.


The application XNSPY Dashboard is a useful extension of the XNSPY software. The software has many settings and features, which can be tracked nicely on the dashboard.

XNSPY Dashboard Rating

8.3 Awesome

Performant and handy addition for the spying software. If you use the software, you should also use the app.

  • Look & Feel 9
  • Performance 9
  • Usefulness 7

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