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Delve into the unknown and enter the labyrinth! The game with the same name by developer Giulio D’Ambrosio entices you to do just that. This new Android title is all about your skills with a mobile device and how good you can find your way through the tricky maze.

Mobile Game News Labyrinth Screenshot

The mini-map in “Labyrinth” helps the player with orientation.

Unlike other games for smartphones or tablets, this one makes ample use of the gyroscope and not the touchscreen. The goal of the game is to guide the blue ball through the maze. This happens via tilting to simulate the ball following the inclination of the board. While this sounds fairly straight forward, the difficulty comes with the maze. The player has to find the exit and collect as many coins as possible. Meanwhile the time keeps ticking and the long the player takes the less points are awarded at the end. The board goes on beyond the edge of the screen so navigating through the labyrinth is not that easy. A radar is there to help the player along. Magic wands can be used to get rid of some parts of the wall.

“Labyrinth” is quite the challenge and really demands skill and a sense of oversight. The huge amount of levels should keep a lot of people entertained for quite some time. Everyone interested should take a look at the free game in the Google Play Store.


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