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Memory is a classic board game known and loved by almost everybody. It successfully made the jump to smartphones and tablets and there is no end in sight to the popularity of its gameplay. Yet sometimes it all feels like playing the same thing over and over again, no matter the game. Good thing then developer Tim Rachor released his one-man Android game “Memo Bash”.

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This game adds a good piece of RPG and Adventure to the trusted Memory mechanics. As the main protagonist the player moves through a fantasy world and encounters monsters and evil wizards. Simple pixel graphics get the idea across and lend the game a certain charme of retro gaming. The players has to solve 34 quests with an ever increasing difficulty. Each quests is a battle against a foe. Here the memory aspect kicks in. The cards are flipped and with the revealed items a certain action is performed. First you need to get two with the same picture, of course. With every win the player gets richer and the merchant offers plenty of reasons to spend that coin.

With all the aspects of the different cards in the game and the characters stats, a big part of the game is about careful planning. Still, the Memory aspect shines through as well, so a good memory is important too.

Everyone interested in this Memory-Game with a twist should head right over to the Google Play Store. “Memo Bash” can be downloaded for free.


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