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There are weirder things than mushrooms drinking beer, right? Well, how about sentient mushrooms wandering through a cave looking for even more beer? You don’t even have to ingest any mind-altering fungi to get to that level. Just play the new game “Shrooms” by Snowball Software and get ready for some trippy puzzle adventuring.

Android Game Shrooms Screenshot

“Shrooms” on their way to get some beer. Why not?

The idea is as crazy as it can get. The mushrooms find a doorway to a vast cave system and the only thing that’s on their minds is to find some beer down there. So they venture into the dark to get some of that precious liquid. This is easier said than done, of course. Water and rocks block the way and the shrooms are not the toughest around. So it is up to the player to guide them through the caves. Each cave equals one level. To get to the beer the player has to navigate through puddles and push rocks out of the way. Every action consumes energy which needs to be refilled with cookies lying around. After all the beer has been scooped up the exit opens and the next level beckons.

The puzzles are nothing spectacularly new. Still, they do what they are supposed to and get quite challenging after a few levels. The setup and idea behind this game is quite exciting. When was the last time you saw talking mushrooms in a video game? The different characters seem like a nice addition.

 “Shrooms” is free and really worth the trip to the Google Play Store. Go check it out!


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