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Who’s one of the most efficient underground diggers in the animal kingdom? The mole, of course, and in the new arcade game “Yukon Gold” by Yawsum LLC, this little critter is not looking for worms or bugs, but for solid gold.

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Yukon Gold

The gold of the Yukon territory to be precise. Since the mole in the game is more than greedy, the player has to be quick about his mining operations. In the race against the underground dweller, the player has to use dynamite, pickaxes and all kinds of gadgets and tools to outcompete the mole. The faster and the more relentless the player digs through the Canadian soil, the faster the gold will spill out of the earth and not into the mole’s claws. They might seem cute at first, but they use every chance they get to steal some gold from you.

The game entices the player with excellent 3D-graphics and some fitting character design. The gold digging is fun and challenging and should entertain everyone, no matter the age.

So anyone who’s not afraid to get dirty should head right over to the Google Play Store and take a look. “Yukon Gold” comes at a fair price of 0.75€ (German pricing) and can be downloaded right here.


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