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The new Rovio game “Bad Piggies” is rocking the Google Play Store as all fans were waiting for a long time for this game. The Playandroid Magazine now reviewed it to check out whether the wait was worth it. Everybody thought that the game is like “Angry Birds” but it is only adapted from that. It is a skill game and you have to build crazy customized verhicles for the piggie to beat the level. You can use many objects to improve your car, for example wheels, umbrellas, shaken-up fizzy bottles, engines and many more. The game has more than 90 levels and a scoring system that involves getting one, two or three stars depending on your skill.

When I played the first few levels I was really surprised from this game, because it resolved all my prejudices. I thought it is a mainstream game like “Angry Birds” but it isn’t. I think it won’t be successfully like “Angry Birds” but its quality is much higher. The “Bad Piggies” are really funny and help them to survive is not an easy task. The game has three worlds with different levels and a new world is about to be added by Rovio. The game principle is gorgeous and crazy, there are so many opportunities to build a vehicle for the piggies, which results in an almost endless scope. It is possible to use different ways to beat a level and as “the journey is the reward”, it is simply hilarious to see the piggies driving the strangest vehicles on their trip. The whole idea and the gameplay are great and innovative. It is one the first games for a long time that actually surprised me the best way.

There aren’t many flaws on this game, but the animations could be better and the sound is very similar to “Angry Birds”. All the objects have different sounds, but there isn’t a speaking voice or something special. If you start this game you will think it is “Angry Birds”, only when you start to play you will realize that it is totally different from his predecessor. I think it would be better if they had changed the whole look from “Angry Birds” away.

I think most of the people will like the old “Angry Birds” more than the new “Bad Piggies”, because the 2nd masterpiece is less casual and more complicated. However, just because of this “Bad Piggies” is much better than “Angry Birds”. On top of that, this game is for free, what more could you want? I am happy to tell you that I can recommend this game to everyone. That’s why Playandroid honors “Bad Piggies” with a great silver medal. Congratulations!

Reviewed by Feri Nguyen


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