Android Game Review: Become A Ninja!


Step one: Before reading this review, free your mind and test yourself:

What kind of shoes do ninjas wear?
 Sneakers. Ha, ha, ha.

Did you laugh? No? Hmm… how about this one?

Why do some people like to masturbate in ninja outfits?
That way, no one will see them coming. ūüėÜ

Did you laugh this time?¬†If not, go back to step one and repeat. Because if you want to read this review and play this game, you definitely need one thing: Humor. Why? Because today, we’re reviewing “Become a Ninja” by “Game Masons”, a game¬†that claims to¬†transform every user into a “lethal warrior” or one of the “most deadly individuals on earth” by teaching¬†the “mighty techniques” to kill effectively and soundlessly. So I guess we got to review it quickly, before the government¬†bans this game. ūüėČ Let’s hurry up!

Become A Ninja


This game looks like a mixture of “Imbalanced” and “VVVVVV“. And that’s also how it’s played. It’s a beastly hard 2d scroller / endless runner with elementary graphics, that mainly consists of simple blocks and unicolored backgrounds. Unfortunately, “Become A Ninja” neither lives from its retro charm like “VVVVVV”, nor from its simplicity like Imbalanced. It’s somewhere in between, neither one thing nor the other, neither fish nor fowl. On the other hand, simple graphics have one big advantage: They don’t distract attention away from the gameplay, and since this game is¬†extremely tricky and demands all your attention, it isn’t a bad choice to keep¬†the surroundings as simple as possible.


Simple is sexy. We all know that, but I really don’t think that this applies to the soundscape, too. Let’s¬†stick with our examples: While the background music of “VVVVVV” is so¬†awesome, that it found its way to my mp3 player or the background loop of “Imbalanced” got me¬†into a state of trance,¬†“Become a Ninja” has no background music at all. There are only a few sound effects that brings a little bit life in this category, but I honestly think that this is not enough, even for a retro-ish game.


Look at my fingers! They¬†can even rest a bit, as “Become A Ninja!” is extremely easy to control. Simply tap on the screen to let your ninja jump /dash and that’s it. No tilting controls, no overloaded user interface with an overlay D-Pad, none of this.¬†Just tap and play. I love it!

Fred playing Become A Ninja


When it comes to this category, I definitely got to praise “Game Masons” for the inspiring intro, the self-ironic attitude and the original game idea itself. There are many endless running games¬†out there, but I can honestly say, that I’ve never played a game like this before. Especially the idea of collecting belts by “training” your ninja skills, is cute, spirited and adds to the charm of this game.


There’s one feature, that increases the replayability of this game exceedingly: The short spawning time! I simply LOVE it! If you die (and you will die a lot, I guarantee it.) you immediately start over. The developers also reduced the frustration potential¬†as they’ve imbedded save points (after you’ve achieved¬†another belt color) and the opportunity to get extra lifes.

So, I guess we got rid of all obstacles. Are you now ready to slip into the role of a killing machine? Then Become A Ninja! now and download this app for free on Google Play.

6.4 Good

"Become A Ninja" is an ironic, original and addictive 2d scroller.

  • Graphics 4
  • Sound 2
  • Controls 10
  • Originality 8
  • Replayability 8

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