Android Game Review: Black Jack


Everyone, who has visited a real casino (or watched Ocean’s Eleven) knows, that you can do a lot of funny things in a casino. However, transferring that gambling fun to a smartphone, is a tough challenge, that’s hard to master. Clockwatchers Inc. have already proven impressively, that they can port slot machines to your mobile phone. But do they also succeed in porting the traditional Black Jack game? We’ll find it out!


The quality of the graphics is – like in the brother game “Bonus Slots” – the cream of the crop. The resolution is razor-sharp, both the interface and the playing cards are designed masterly. Even the clearness is fabulous: The table is clean and the cards are big enough. That doesn’t sound exciting at all, but after you’ve tried out another Black Jack app, you’ll see how important a clean design is. Only the animations could have been a bit more juicy. How about chips you can actually flip across the gambling table? Or cards, that fall naturally instead of snapping to their places? Anyway, that’s criticism at the highest level.

Black Jack Mobile


The buttons klick and the cards flip. Every action comes along with a sound effect, which is good, but also pretty standard nowadays. Though there’s one thing that’s actually missing: The music! Okay, you don’t hear dubstep wobbling through a real casino either, but how about adding some atmospheric background loop? I think some constant background noise would improve the ambience.


The controls are easy, intuitive and leave no questions unanswered. In this category, Clockwatchers Inc. show once more, that they know how to design and develop a mobile game. Perfect one touch controls!

Black Jack Screen


Like in “Bonus Slots”, Clockwatchers did also embed an offline mode in this “Black Jack” game. That’s a big plus in our review, because this idea saves both the battery and your data volume. Other features are the integration of Google Play Games and the tournament mode. Besides that, this game is pure Black Jack: no more, no less.


Clockwatchers Inc. know how to keep the players motivated. For example, you can gather free chips every hour and interesting bonuses every day. Thanks to these gifts, it’s also possible to play without real money, that massively increases the replayability for users, who don’t want to invest money in this app.

My conclusion: “Black Jack” by Clockwatchers Inc. is a great casino game with a sharp focus. Here you play Black Jack: better, nicer and simpler as with every other Black Jack App on Google Play.

7.8 Awesome

Black Jack as its best - clean, cool, exciting.

  • Graphics 9
  • Sound 6
  • Controls 10
  • Originality 6
  • Replayability 8

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