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Mix up a classic movie hero and a classic arcade game to get a new blasting game. That’s what they may have thought at HeroCraft when they made “Bombergeddon“, which was recently released on Google Play.

In several aspects the game is strongly affected by the “Indiana Jones” movies as for instance they have copied the style of the logo (with a color gradient from red to yellow) and the protagonist is dressed like Indy (with a Fedora, a whip and a leather jacket). Besides that they don’t hide the fact, that the gameplay and in-game style has a lot of similarities to “Bomberman”, as they call it a hommage on the game from the 1980s. Well, then let’s take a closer look on “Bombergeddon”:

In this game you play as the adventurer Dakota Jackson, who hast to find some ancient artefacts in Egypt tombs, Babylonian dungeons, Aztec ruins or Chinese catacombs. Like in “Bomberman” you will get through the mazes by placing bombs to destroy walls and kill mummies, terracotta warriors or other mystical enemies.


Graphics: Ancient?

The graphics with the nice and colorful retro style remind me on “Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures”, that was released by Lucas Arts in 1996. HeroCrafts versions seems to be a bit more polished and was adjusted to fit the quality of common mobile games. The background graphics are referencing the location you’re in and of course the enemies’ styles do as well. The animations are sometimes funny and always fitting the overall style, but they could be more powerful and fluent.

Graphics: 3/5

Sounds: I know that theme, bro!

The main menu’s song of  “Bombergeddon” is really close to the original “Indiana Jones” theme. Truth be told, they just changed a few tones and may shifted the pitch a bit. To be fair, the quality of the sounds is quite good and fits the actions. The music loops do alternate from level to level and seem to be a mix of modern dance rhythms and ancient sounding tunes.

Sounds: 4/5

Controls: A bit confusing

You mainly control “Bombergeddon” with a virtual stick at the lower left corner and a detonater-button on the lower right, with which you drop your bombs. Additionally there is a button to choose the bomb types and another button to activate items below it. In the upper right corner you’ll find the pause-button and the shop. All buttons work fine, but they could have been arranged more neatly. Example: If you want to switch the bomb type you’ll eihter have to stop moving your right arm or it will shortly block your view to reach the button. It would have been more intuitive to have all buttons, except the joystick, on the right side. Furthermore the joystick doesn’t seem to be the best solution, as you often steer to the wrong direction, because your finger wasn’t accurately centred on the head of the stick. Additional controls like moving the character by simply tapping on the screen would be very great.

Controls: 3/5


Scope: Deep in the dungeons

There are four different worlds and besides the different style each world offers 20 levels in the campaign mode, which makes 80 in total. Additionally you can choose the survival mode which is more like a defense game than a classic Bomberman game. The score you get can be saved in a local or a global highscore and you can unlock over 100 achivements, if you’re good enough. To sum it up: There is enough to discover for a skilled explorer.

Scope: 4/5

Atmosphere: Creepy?

There is one question we have to answer here: Is it possible for a game that copied the style of a famous movie series and the gameplay of a classic game to create a unique atmosphere? Yes and no! Yes, as it’s not a crude copy, but a stand-alone game, that tries to honor the models it makes use of. No, as “Bombergeddon” is not able to satisfy the expectations it arises  by the allusions it creates. To make it a real hommage on the orginals, HeroCraft would have had to make it with more love.

Atmosphere: 3/5

Fun Factor: Not for mummies

If only the controls would be more intuitive and the UI more neat, it would be a great fun playing this game. Fans of Bomberman-like games will like it, and if you like Indy, you will even love it. You can play it in between times or spend some hours reaching new highscores in both modes without getting bored soon.

Fun Factor: 3/5



HeroCraft is known for making really good games like “Dragon and Dracula“, “Kikoriki” and “Birds on a Wire“. “Bombergeddon” is able to reach the same level as the ones named above, but there are some problems regarding the controls and the uniqueness. However, if we discount those aspects, it’s a fun game packed with enough stuff for long-term entertainment.

Reviewed by Hannes Hartl.


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