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Welcome to our new Android game review on Playandroid. Today we take a look at “Bugsy”, a game from the developer “Brett Bailey”. What is Bugsy about? In this game it is your job to kill a lot of bugs. Not game bugs, real bugs. They run from the bottom of the screen straight to the top and they are fast, I mean really fast.

Brett Bailey, the developer of “Bugsy”, already talked in our Interview about his inspiration behind this addicting game. He said “I wanted to keep it simple and accessible for everyone. I liked the simplicity of the early bubble wrap apps that where massively successful with users so I took this and added more fun, more colour, more sound and more mischief and the result is Bugsy” The question is: Is it maybe too simple or maybe too colorful? Read the answer in our Android game review here on Playandroid.

Graphics: Autumn Leaf

Everything is simple in “Bugsy”. This starts with the graphics and ends with the gameplay, but let us start with the graphics. The main screen presents a yellow leaf as a background and a score counter on the top. It shows you everything you need. The background is nothing special and after a while it gets a little bit lame, but it is ok and I can live with that.  After you started a round, the bugs will appear and you have to kill them. The bugs are all colored differently and they all have different blood colors. Blood colors? Yes, like i said in the introduction, in “Bugsy” your goal is it to kill a lot of bugs and the developer gives you the perfect effect for this action. It is bug splatter time!
Overall the graphics are mediocre, but they fit good into the “Bugsy” universe. Nothing special and still ok for a little bug killing game.

Graphics: 3/5

Sounds: Farts all over the place

It is just funny. Like I said, you kill a lot of bugs and with the killing comes something special for you. The developer put a lot of crazy sound effects into the game. For every bug color a different sound effect. Better play this game with you headphones, because all effects sounds like poo! I mean real poo. It starts with a soft and friendly fart sound, but after a while you will hear some crazy stuff, believe me. What can i say, I like it and I think it gives the simple gameplay a funny note.  The music also is a nice funny and funky tune that comes out of your speakers, but it sadly repeats too often.

Sounds: 3/5



Better warm up your fingers before you play “Bugsy”. You will need a lot of skill and good reactions to beat every single stage of this game. The controls are simple and very intuitive. Just use your fingers to hit the bugs. Actually you can play the whole game with only one finger, but i figured out that it is much better to play it with two. The hit detection is precise and together with the great sound effects, you get a great feedback of your actions. Overall the controls are simple and fit perfect to a fast game like this.

Controls: 5/5



Scope: One Level

“Bugsy” is not the biggest game you will ever see. Still it will give you a lot of action and fun, but besides the levels there is not much to encounter. Do not get me wrong, I had my fun with this game and for me it is barely enough, but there is much more potential. I miss an achievement system, more songs, a global highscore, more backgrounds and more bugs (no gamebugs^^). I think with some updates this game could be much better.

Scope: 3/5


Atmosphere: Bloody, bloody Autumn

There is blood on the leaf. Actually this sounds like a great movie title, but let us get back to the game. With no mercy you have to kill all bugs and everything you leave behind is a blood soaked leaf. Ok, sorry guys, sometimes I am a little bit dramatic but look at this game: You are on a  great big bug killing spree and that is all. Besides this fact the atmosphere is ok. It is nothing special, the sound and the graphics fits good together and the art design is well done too. I like it, but it does not knock my socks off.

Atmosphere: 3/5

Fun Factor: Hard – Harder – Bugsy

“Bugsy” is a challenging game. You will often press the retry button to start the levels. For this game you need all your skills and a lot of training. I like the fact, that with some training you can beat all stages. Maybe for some people it is too hard, but give it a try. I had definitely fun while playing this game.

Fun Factor: 4/5



Fast, intuitive and bloody. That is “Bugsy”. Still it is not the perfect game, but it did a lot of things right. Maybe with some updates, “Bugsy” will become a really great game. I recommend it to everyone who needs a challenging but fair game.

Download the game here.

Reviewed by Tim Saalmann


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