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(UPDATE) You love bunnies, for sure. You love shooters, of course. But the question is: Do you love the combination of bunnies and shooters? “Of course”, you would say while thinking of some sexy,  barely dressed Playboy bunnies, heavily armed and rolling through the mud… Well, I’m sorry to say that this fantasy is exactly that. A fantasy.

This Android game isn’t about sexy bunnies, but young hares! It’s not about guns and bullets, but bows and arrows! The comparison to “Angry Birds” is quickly made, but is it an Angry Birds clone, or does Bunny Shooter bring something new to the table? Read on to find out how Bunny Shooter scores, when subjected to the tough Playandroid rating test!


Graphics: Pink bunnies with white shadows

The graphics of “Bunny Shooter” are great.  I like the fresh colors, the harmonious comic style and the nice animations within the logical phyisics engine. I would like to give 5 points for the graphics, but there is an omnipresent graphical bug throughout the whole game, that I can’t ignore: Every single shape (whether it’s a bunny, an arrow or something else) has got an annoying filmy white frame. I don’t know exactly what happened, but it looks as if  the graphic designers worked sloppily – and sloppiness makes the alarm-bells of our testing labs ring.

Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: A lot of sounds, but hardly any music

The bow is creaking, the arrows are swishing, the bunnies are laughing, and the bombs are exploding. Almost everything in “Bunny Shooter” makes a sound, so that the whole soundscape of the game is quite diversified and voluminous, if… Well, if ifs and ands were pots and pans, there’d be no work for tinkers’ hands. At the moment, there’s only music in the menu, this music is lovely, but it would be even better (and I would give a higher score), if the developer would increase the melodic ambience in-game and take it to a higher level.

Sounds: 3/5


Controls: Fingerfood for everyone

The controls of  “Bunny Shooter” are just finger licking good! There’s only one thing, that you’ve got to do: Press your finger on the arrow, drag the bow string in order to control angle and velocity – and release the string to shoot. That’s it. And that’s simple and easy, intuitive and logical and simply perfect.

Controls: 5/5

Scope: More, please!

You can shoot bunnies in 60 levels. Even better, the developers promise more worlds and even more levels! It’s awesome that the developer will enlarge the game, because at the moment, the levels take place in one world. It would be awesome if the developer would release the new worlds and levels for more variation. Right now, the puzzles get more difficult and challenging, but the surroundings are very similar to one another. All I can say is that we want more! More levels, more worlds and please, could we get some more characters too? The pink bunnies are supercute, but I would like to see more bunnies, more colors and more expressions. I’m certain that when the developer releases the update it’ll positively influence the score of scope.

Scope: 2/5


Atmosphere: A colorful world full of bunnies

The comparison between Bunny Shooter and Angry Birds is quick to be made, but the atmosphere of a game depends on the strength of the uniqueness of a game, and Bunny Shooter definitely has some kind of uniqueness. All levels are designed in a coherent, harmonious and colorful bunny world. Unfortunately, the developer put the pink bunnies on shaky wooden towers, and that was just too much Angry Birds for me.

Atmosphere: 3/5

Fun Factor:

Simple, solid, fun. Yes, the comparison to Angry Birds has been made and there seems to be at least some “shaky tower” ground for that, however, this game takes us to a whole new world with new puzzles and riddles that make our brains crunch with delight. To sum up: the graphics of Bunny Shooter are cute & colorful, the background sounds fill the room with creaks and laughter and the controls of this game are superb. This game is fun! When you’re an Angry Birds fan, you’ll certainly love this addictive game too!

Fun Factor: 4/5



When you enjoy playing Angry Birds, you’ll be a big fan of this game. The graphics, background sounds, and controls make this game funny, addictive and entertaining. Yes, I want more functions and more options, so that the comparison to Angry Birds won’t be made that often and to make this game more varied and different. Do you feel like training your brain? Then go and get it!

Download the game here.

Reviewed by Frederik Schrader


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