Android Game Review – Colonize


Colonize” is a puzzle and defense game making the players use a cellular automaton where cells grow and die according to simple rules. The developer is a professor at a US College and he made a game that has a huge and extensive scope with many levels, a defense mode and many achievements. Also, the players are able to play it online in a huge multiplayer mode. It is well elaborated in the most parts, but it has some weak points like the graphics, which are a bit unsightly and the controls, which are bad laborious. That means, if you want to choose a cell you have to tap on the cell below your target cell (maybe because the hitbox is wrong calculated). However, I had fun while playing “Colonize” after getting the complicated controls.

Anyway, this game is not for the mass-market, but people who are interested in Biology will have some funny and highly instructive hours with “Colonize“. I think if the developer will improve the graphics and the controls during the next updates, “Colonize” will reach more people. In view of these matters I give 15 Playandroid points to “Colonize”.

Reviewed by Feri Nguyen


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