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It’s cutting time again! It is finally here, the successor to one of the most prolific mobile games out there: “Cut The Rope 2”. With the success of the first game, ZeptoLap is under pressure to deliver an equally good gaming experience. You can see how the game actually did in our review below.

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“Cut The Rope 2” shows perfectly how important graphics can be for a game. From the fluid (and frankly very cute) animations to the high-def graphics – everything looks nice, crisp and very inviting. The colors match the overall theme and the whole thing is just a statement of the high production value. Still, just like its predecessor, it is all in 2D. How about some 3D eye-candy in this day and age?


The game profits even more from the sounds and music playing in the background. Distinct indicator sounds play with every touch, Omnom sports a fitting “voice” and you can turn everything off in the options menu. The music is engaging and really fits the theme and style of the game as well.


Controls take the crown when it comes to the scores. With an easy to learn input scheme “Cut The Rope 2” is beginner-friendly and there is no learning curve at all. Besides that the tutorial explains what to do right at the beginning. During testing we did not encounter any slowdowns or bugs of any kind. So far so perfect.

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Then the game reaches it low point in terms of originality. There is just nothing new here anymore. Unlike the time the first “Cut The Rope” came around, this time it is already a well established game with a loyal fanbase. We missed the novelty a bit. There are quite a few games out there that do things quite similarly so the competition is on in terms of puzzle games. Still, the whole concept and art style stays as unique as ever.


Sometimes games like this end after about 30 levels. Not “Cut The Rope 2”. With a massive amount of levels to play through, there is quite a lot to do for every player. Then there are the badges as well as the achievements through Google Play Games. So the developers made sure to insert a lot of things creating incentive. With the upgrade shop there is another way in the game to improve one’s gameplay and share it with friends on Facebook as well.

All in all “Cut The Rope 2” is as solid as the first one and delivers excellent puzzle gameplay to mobile players. With its charme and huge fanbase it might continue on the road of mobile success. Everyone interested can find the game here in the Playstore for free!

Cut The Rope 2 - Rating

8.6 Awesome

"Cut The Rope 2" delivers on almost every aspect and knows how to entice players to come backt to it again and again. A bit more novelty in the gameplay would have been nice though. Still it managed to earn a well-deserved "Awesome"!

  • Graphics 8
  • Sound 9
  • Controls 10
  • Originality 7
  • Replayability 9

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