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“Gameloft’s” “Dungeon Hunter 3” is out on Android since a few days, so we from Playandroid wanted to have a closer look at the third part of the popular RPG “Dungeon Hunter”. In “Dungeon Hunter 3” it’s all about hack’n’slay and fighting monsters in different arenas, graphic and sound look very promising at first sight, but let’s see how this freemium game works out at the second look.


Graphics: As We Expected

As we are used to it from Gameloft the graphics are outstanding. We have a 3D environment with new settings in every level, which are all amazingly designed and rich in detail. From the characters over the monsters to the settings everything is differentiated in design. We have gloomy caveyards and misty harbors, a wild looking warlord or graceful astromancers and various different monsters, so it keeps up the good work we already know from “Dungeon Hunter I + II” and is just a pleasure to look at.

Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: Traditional

Also the sounds are very suitable and pleasable. There are several battle noises, monster sounds and different noises from the character. The music is kept in the backround most of the time but gets more intense with rising tension, which increases the pressure and excitment in the battle and creates an enthraling atmosphere. For a RPG its a quite typical and traditional sound all in all with a good qualitiy. Thumbs Up!

Sounds: 4/5


Controls: Quite Good

The battles are classic hack’n’slay so therefore the controls aren’t too complitcated. You have one cursor on the left to move and one on the right to attack plus some smaller buttons for special attacks or healing potions. Mostly all games like this suffer from the touch controls, which are often hard to handle in a battle game. For me it worked good on my tablet, but playing it on a Smartphone it gets more tricky, epecially If you haven’t got the most filigree fingers;). But all in all the controls work quite good here and are easy to handle most of the time. The Warlord for example is very easy to control, but I had my problem with the bow attack of the Trickster. Here you have to tap at the spot on the right cursor corresponding to the direction you want to shoot. This is hard to get used to, so I often choosed the close-combat option.

Controls: 4/5



Scope: Bluff Package?

Lets make a list: We have 4 worlds with 20 levels each, different environments, special attacks, a shop with a bunch of different items and item-upgrades, 4 different characters with the option to change gender and various monsters with a Boss in every level. So at the first look it’s kind of impressive.

But now we want to have a look behind: If you compare it to “Dungeon Hunter 2” the third part features no story, just battle-rounds in different arenas where the only aim is surviving  to…? get new items? There has to be the possibilty of improving your character as motivator and also to obtain higher levels, but here is where the in-app-purchasing starts and the player is constantly encouraged to spent gems or money on better items and buy them with real money as you run out. And the games clearly takes care that you will run out! Except if you don’t want to play every level 10 times to collect money from the barrels… Every money reward, that you would normally get when completing a level needs to be unlocked with a key (1 key = 5 games), so no key = no reward and no money. When you want to upgrade your weapons you have to wait at least 30 minutes till its completed…except you want to spent a gem for completing it right now. Although you can afford some weapons with earned money or the 15 gems you have in the beginning (At least for the time I played, I didn’t see a possibilty to earn gems), but the whole “scope” cannot be used without spending money.

Scope: 3/5


Atmosphere: Gets Disturbed

For sure Graphics and Sounds are on a very high level and perfectly suitable together. In the actual gameplay they create a nice action-atmosphere with a mystical and gloomy touch and thrilling battles. But due to the fact that there’s no story at all, just random picked arenas with the only aim to survive them, you don’t get really captured like in “Dungeon Hunter 2” for example. The items and upgrades could have been a real motivator, but here I just feel misleaded by the flood of in-app payments I am supposed to buy. This is a very dissappointing especially because I really liked the gameplay atmosphere.

Atmosphere: 4/5


Fun Factor: Squeezing the Money out of your Pocket!

As you maybe already noticed I’m a bit disturbed by the way in-app-purchases are implemented here, which I think of as just bold. I really had fun playing and fighting the battles, which are, like the whole game, in a high standard like we are used from “Gameloft”, but the whole time playing I was f**cked up by the obstrusive way they tried to push me to spent my money on their game. I understand that you have to make your money in some way, but I want to feel like I have an option and are able to play the game with endurance. Bummer!

Fun Factor: 3/5



We’re ok with freemium, but not like this. “Gameloft” has missed its chance to enter our charts with high quality games. This game would have had more potential, but it turned out to be a big bluff. They should better hold on their old concept, because I am willing to spent a bit more in the first place instead of getting bothered all the time.

Reviewed by Anne Rupp.


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