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If you remember a few days ago, our reviewer Lara tested a game called “Bus Jumper“, which was a side-scrolling platformer where you attempt to jump up to the next level by pressing your Android device. Well today I’m reviewing a fairly similar game called Eole and the Paper Ball, which has been created by Chaos Interactive. Good luck trying to pronounce that name – we’ve been struggling with the word “Eole” in our office already, so the video review (see below) will certainly be a good one to watch today!

Anyway, I will be looking today to see whether this Chaos Interactive game is better than some of its competitors on the market, such as Bus Jumper, and whether you should invest your time in Eole. I will be testing the Eole Free version, so obviously certain features will be missing, but there is a full version out there to buy for a meagre 0,99€. So let’s jump into the review!

Graphics: Blocky, but beautiful backgrounds

Eole has a “blocky” feel to it, without a doubt. I’m not sure whether that the correct technical term to use here but it seems appropriate. The menu screens and options are all fairly bland and very bold, but they do the job. The best part of the graphics however is the backgrounds. When the Bus Jumper game was tested, it didn’t really excel in the background department, but Eole seems to have got it spot on. Everything moves extremely quickly across the screen without lag too.

What I would have liked to have seen was some variety in the backgrounds. The same two backgrounds , although very nice to look at in themselves, run throughout the whole game and I think Chaos interactive may have missed a trick here. They could have really added more to these. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, because these are some of the nicest backdrops you will see in a puzzler like this, but I think just a little more could have been done.

Graphics: 3/5

Sounds: Sublime

I love the sounds on this game. They kinda remind me of old Sonic games on Nintendo, and that’s certainly no bad thing. Every action, whether it be jumping , collecting coins or falling off the track, comes with a delightful sound, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t want to turn these sounds down. They really add to the atmosphere and feel of the game and are great fun.

Sounds: 5/5


Controls: Responsive

I haven’t experienced a single problem with the controls in this game so far. The ball jumps the moment you touch the tablet screen, and as this is the only control required for such a games as this, then I can only award full marks. Sometimes with this sort of game there can be problems with the response and this can ruin the game, but no such problems were found here.

Controls: 5/5

Scope: Large enough

There are 30 levels to complete in this game, so there is more than enough to do. What also improves the scale and scope of Eole is the difficulty – some levels are absolute nightmares to complete, so this will also take up plenty of time. As well as this, there are also ranking to achieve and high scores to beat, so there is certainly plenty of reason to keep playing this game. One thing that could have been included were some achievements, but overall it’s a game that will last a while.

Scope: 4/5


Atmosphere: Fun and frantic

Everything about this game screams fun, from the exciting moving backdrops to the cool sounds. It is a game that makes you feel you are playing some retro ageless platformer, even though it will be played through a modern Android device. If there is a complaint to be made, it’s that the game is lacking in any good background music, although the sounds make up for this somewhat. All in all, this game has a slick, impressive feel to it.

Atmosphere: 4/5



Fun Factor: A real tempter

It is easy to get annoyed with games such as Eole, because some of the levels are very difficult to complete and the game regularly makes you think “how on Earth am I supposed to get past that then?”. Luckily it is incredibly quick to start a new game, and every level has a number of checkpoints, and all before the hardest sections, so you will slowly but surely progress through each of them. The game is definitely tough, yet rewarding at the same time.

The simple controls also mean that the game is much more fun to play than most out there, and I would certainly recommend this to anybody looking for a game that’s easy to get sucked into.

Fun Factor: 4/5


Eole is a fantastic platforming game. It doesn’t show-off, it justs sticks to its guns and provides some lovely flowing gameplay, which is the most important thing to have in this sort of scrolling game. I would definitely recommend getting the free version off of the Android Market, and there is always a full version if you are not a fan of adverts (and let’s face it, who is?).

It doesn’t seem as though Chaos Interactive have spent too much time on making the backgrounds and sounds perfect – instead they have concentrated on delivering pure, fun gameplay – and with this they have succeeded.

Download the game here

Reviewed by Michael Veal


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