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By now there are all kinds of games on Android, yet one genre is still rather hard to come by. Shooters are not something you might find in abundance on the Play Store. With FreezeNova’s “Evolution Multiplayer FPS” this might have an end now. Let’s take a look and see how the game performs.


“Evolution” is fully 3D, with the graphics very reminiscent of older shooters. When it comes to design it is rather futuristic with a bit of present day military thrown in. This strengthens the feeling of nostalgia even further. The animations are fluid and are complex enough for the action on the screen. We sadly encountered some drops in framerate on both our testing devices. This is something that can make or break a fast paced shooter like this.


When it comes to sounds and music, the game offers some engaging tracks while in the menu as well as various indicator sounds for the buttons. In game there is no music to be heard. All the actions make an appropriate sound like reloading or shooting the equipped weapon, of course. Running makes some noise as well. The whole soundscape is pretty solid and does everything a player expects from a shooter like this.

Mobile Game Review Evolution Multiplayer FPS Android Shooter Screenshot

Evolution Multiplayer FPS


The big shortcoming of mobile shooters are their oftentimes less-than-ideal controls. With the touchscreen as the only input method all the controls have to be UI based and “Evolution” is no exception to this rule. While is might not be the best way to play a shooter, this game does a decent job of implementing the controls. Everything is responsive and intuitive. It makes the best out of a rather bad situation and after a while it doesn’t seem so impossible to control.


As mentioned before the game evokes feelings and memories of a shooter-past long gone. We just couldn’t shake the feeling of “we have played this before” while testing the game. While there isn’t any game exactly like it, it just feels too similar to other shooters sometimes. Then again it is one of the few true mobile shooters and the genre in and of itself offers few options to make something truly different and unique.


As the title suggests, “Evolution” is a pure multiplayer experience. There is no single player option and the players have to connect to the game of another player or open up their own. This is basically the essence of the shooter – a good multiplayer match. With Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch it offers two iconic game modes. A leaderboard and upgrade-system for the player encourages the user to keep on playing and to get better. Every match is different after all.

“Evolution Multiplayer FPS” offers solid shooter fun for every Android device, but should be most enjoyable on a big tablet screen. Everyone interested can head right over to the Google Play Store and get the game for free.

Evolution Multiplayer FPS - Rating

6.4 Good

"Evolution Multiplayer FPS" offers solid shooter gameplay for tablets and smartphones. It's graphics and sound fit the game. Still it suffers from the poor input situation for shooters on mobile devices. Nonethless we thought this game deserved our "Good" rating.

  • Graphics 7
  • Sound 8
  • Controls 5
  • Originality 5
  • Replayability 7

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