Android Game Review: Four in a Row


The year is 1974. Nixon resigned after the Watergate scandal, Germany won the FIFA World Cup and Hasbro published a game, that became one of the most popular, beloved and best selling games of all times. I’m talking about “Connect Four” – I mean – “Four in a Line” – ehm – “Captain’s Mistress” – well, just call it how you want. 🙂

Whatever, today it’s not important if a Four in a Line game cuts a fine figure in your living room, the question is: How does it perform on your smartphone? Let’s check it out by reviewing “Four in a Row” by “Clockwatchers Inc.”.


Fortunately, this Android game doesn’t bring back the terrible style of the 70s. Quite the contrary: We see modern graphics, good animations and contemporary fonts. That’s a great visual update.

Four in a row


The sound effects can be switched on and off. They are of high quality, placed reasonably and never get annoying. What’s missing? The background music! I won’t ask for glam rock like Gary Glitter or disco music from ABBA, but any relaxed background music would be better than complete silence.


When it comes to controls, Clockwatchers Inc. unpleasantly surprised me for the first time. We’ve tested a lot of games by this company (like Black Jack) and they always got top scores in this category. Today, that won’t happen, because instead of granting the users the option to place the tokens with a simple tap to the wished spot, it’s only possible to let them roll into the spot by tapping on one of the small seven arrows on top of the game board. I know – that’s the way you do it in the original game, but we’re not in 1974 anymore. These controls aren’t intuitive, especially for young players, who don’t know the original game.



Originality is not the first label, that pops into my mind, when I think of an app porting an old board game. However, Clockwatchers enhanced the basic idea quite well: It’s not only possible to play this game in a hot seat mode with your friend sitting next to you, it’s also possible to play it against your smartphone or online versus anyone. Eat this, 1974!


Especially these different game modes increase the replayability of this game. Four in a row by Clockwatchers Inc. is prepared for every gaming scenario and can be played alone, with friends or people from all over the world. That’s a big plus!

Conclusion: Old Four in a row veterans will take a shine to this game.  New players have to get used to the controls, but they’ll find a way and enjoy “Four in a Row” as well. So get started – on Google Play!

6.2 Good

Old Four in a row veterans will take a shine to this game. New players have to get used to the controls, but they'll find a way and enjoy "Four in a Row" as well.

  • Graphics 8
  • Sound 5
  • Controls 4
  • Originality 6
  • Replayability 8

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