Android Game Review – Fruity Glance


“Fruity Glance is a brain and memory game that challenges the players in a difficult way after playing the first ten levels. It has a clear user interface and well done 2D graphics a, but they are too dark. The whole screen is black apart from the colorful fruits. Regarding the soundscape, I’ve got to say, that “Fruity Glance” only presents some few bad tones and no background music at all. I think the game would be more exciting if the developers add some more background (tracks and graphics). Anyway, the players are able to choose between three playmodes in the free-version and five playmodes in the paid-version. I think that’s a great opportunity because all playmodes are different. However, I missed some upgrade objects, power-ups or anything else to have a long-term interaction with the game.

“Fruity Glance” is a good brain and memory game from an independent developer. I had some fun while playing it, but after a while I got bored a bit. I hope the developer will add some exciting interactions in the next update to increase variety. We honor the first game from the developer Paweł Kieliszczyk with 12 Playandroid points and we think there’s a lot of potential for a higher score. Congratulations!

Reviewed by Feri Nguyen


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