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You won’t escape the World Cup, not even here! Developer UBJ3D thought so too and released “Fun Football Brazil”. This little game is not your everyday soccer-simulation but rather employs strategy more than reflexes and skill.


The game presents itself in a simple 2D-graphics style and is played from a top-down perspective. Since the players are only viewed from the top, all you get see are shoulders and mostly hair, so it lacks a bit of variety. There are some nice animations in the game though and everything looks rather clear and the player gets a good overview of what is happening and what has to be done next.


“Fun Football Brazil” offers a greater palette of options when it comes to sounds and music. In the game there are fans cheering, whistles going off and people shouting over the soccer pitch – it really captures the atmosphere of a stadium game. The whole cheering can get quite annoying though, but under options any sound or music can be turned off luckily.


The mobile game employs one-touch controls with which the game is very easy and relatively intuitive to control. There’s a pretty extensive tutorial as well, explaining everything there is to do and how to pull of different moves. The input is precise and there is no perceivable input lag.

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Fun Football Brazil


Yes, there are a lot of soccer games out there, so “Fun Football Brazil” isn’t doing anything fundamentally new or different. Right now is the perfect time to release a soccer game as well, so no surprises there. What this game really does different is the control scheme and overall setup. Rather than a game about action and skill, it switches soccer as it is around and turns it into some kind of strategy game. Still, the competition is stiff and as of yet “Fun Football Brazil” keeps swimming in a pool of mobile games that are very similar but not the same.


What is most exciting about this game is that it reminds you more of a board game than digitized soccer simulations. It can be played by two players on the same tablet and lacks in terms of highscore and online-competitiveness. We think the game really shines when played against a friend,  but since those aren’t always around, it can’t get quite stale playing against the computer. Therefore we place the replay value of “Fun Football Brazil” on a good average.

The game is free so there is nothing to lose downloading it from the Google Play Store. “Fun Football Brazil” offers a fresh look at soccer as digital entertainment and although it has some weak spots, it really had us going at each other replaying games from the World Cup.

Fun Football Brazil - Rating

7.0 Awesome

"Fun Football Brazil" offers a very good experience when it comes to sound and controls, but could do better in terms of graphics. Still the game really earned its points and we thought it deserves the "Awesome"-badge for this.

  • Graphics 6
  • Sound 8
  • Controls 8
  • Originality 6
  • Replayability 7

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