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Today we present to you another brain game called “Geo Cascade”! The developers from Groomiac have created a game that challenges your cobination skills: in the vein of a chain reaction, your task is to erase all of the geometric figures on the board by tapping on them. Every type of figure requires a different amount of input to explode. Therefore, you have to remember the various characteristics in order to accomplish the levels. The scope of “Geo Cascade” is very impressive – over 1000 levels await you and each one of them can be replayed in order to improve your statistics. Even though the design of the game is quite minimalistic, the playful colors of the figures and their animations create a fun gaming experience.

Is there a link in the chain missing?

Unfortunately, the minimalism of the graphics can be detected in the design of the sounds, too. There is no background or even menue music and the gameplay is accentuated only by a simple stroke of the gong at the end of a level. The lack of sounds also minimizes the feeling of experiencing a cohesive atmosphere.

“Geo Cascade” is a pleasantly colorful and fast-paced game with a great scope which gives you a lot of opportunities to improve your combination skills. But some touch ups on the sounds and the atmosphere will surely help to make the challenge even more enjoyable then it already is!

Reviewed by Frieda Kreuer


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