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The next Android Game Review is in the line and it is about the game “Happy Sheep” from the independent developers of Apps2ppl. We reported a few days ago about it and since it’s their first self-developed game I hope it is worth to review it. “Happy Sheep” is, as the name implies, a game about sheep and these sheep escaped from the farm. The players have to help Bob the dog to put the sheep back in the barn before the time runs out. Sounds easy, but is it easy? I will tell you more about it in the following report.

“Happy Sheep” is an easy and funny game for all ages. The whole game looks really cute and lovely and this fits nearly perfect to the easy gameplay, which is made for children I think. Most impressive for me is the sound because it has electro background music with different beats and well-done tones for the sheep and Bob the dog.

Unfortunately, “Happy Sheep” is not that game I had hoped for. The graphic contours are not sharp enough, the the physics engine works illogically and the whole game lacks of animations. Also, the hitbox of the sheep to touch and move them is too small making the game not responsive enough. Moreover, I think the developers should use another control mechanism like developers use in billiard games with “Bob the Dog” as the “white ball” – that would also turn the dog into an important part of the game – now, he’s just a background actor. Another thing: Why isn’t there any upgrade opportunity in the game without paying extra money? The only upgrade opportunity is to generate more time to put the sheep in the barn by buying this “time item” in the Google Play Store for 0,50 €. Maybe the developers should also offer unlockable upgrades – this would make the game more customer-friendly and would guarantee some long term fun.

To conclude, “Happy Sheep” is the first game from Apps2ppl and I think they will learn a lot from it to make better games in the future. Anyway, I can recommend this game to children and people loving small casual games. The basic idea of the game is great, but it isn’t worked out well. I wanted to give more points for their debut title, but sadly there’s  no way to give more than 11 points to “Happy Sheep”.

Reviewed by Feri Nguyen


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