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JellyBalls+ is a brain & puzzle game by developer Kiwano Software. Your goal is to match balls of the same color and earn points, the more balls you manage to match at once, the more points you get. It’s quite a tried recipe for an Android game, but JellyBalls+ comes with different modes and the possibility to alter gravity and thereby changing the playing field. It sounds promising, but will it get a promising score too? Read on and find out!

Graphics: Multicolor

The graphics of JellyBalls+ are very colorful. Yellow, blue, green, red, purple, black, silver and multicolored balls make up the playing field, the background consists of colorful patterns that change color. The graphics of JellyBalls+ look quite nice, there’s even a bit of a 3D effect going on, with the balls popping out of the background. Unfortunately, I thought that this effect was quite tiring after playing the game for a while. The graphics are quite pixelly and unsharp. Also, when I think of jelly balls, I think of shiny, glossy balls. In the game, not so much. If the developer would polish the graphics, make the balls shinier and less pixelly (in general, make this game look more like eye candy), then the graphics would sky rocket.

Graphics: 2/5

Sounds: Loopy

JellyBalls+ comes with music and background sounds. Unfortunately, the track that was written for the game is quite short and is on a constant loop. Trust me, it drove me up the wall. The music is actually quite nice and mellow, but it’s the same tune in all the different modes, so in the end, I just shut it off. This, of course, is very disappointing for both gamer and developer. The gamer (me) doesn’t like the music that the developer took a considerable amount of time to create and thought would be appreciated by the gamer. On another unfortunate point, the background sounds are hardly discernable through the music. Too bad, because the sounds could really break up the constant musical pattern. All in all, slightly disappointing.

Sounds: 2/5

Controls: This jelly doesn’t shake

In one of my favorite TV shows, one character has said “that must be jelly, cause jam don’t shake like that.”  Now, that clearly wasn’t aimed at a game, but since I just saw that episode last night I actually feared that the graphics would be bouncy/jiggly/shaky. Luckily, none of those words apply. The controls of JellyBalls+ run supersmoothly. The jelly balls disappear and reappear without a glitch, tapping goes without fail or having to retap and the lovely, original take of  turning your Android device, so that the jelly balls appear from another direction works like a charm. Evidently, these superb controls earn JellyBalls+ a superb score.

Controls: 5/5

Scope: +++

JellyBalls+ could easily be called JellyBalls+++. Apart from the fact that every game is different, it also comes with an abundance of modes. The Arcade Mode consists of ‘Continuous’, ‘Ceiling’ and ‘Shield’. In ‘Continuous’ you can keep on playing and scoring points, the jelly balls disappear and reappear consistently. In ‘Ceiling’ you get one row of jelly balls at a time, you’re supposed to match them as quickly as you can, but the moment the jelly balls reach to the ceiling you’re game over. In ‘Shield’ you start with a shield covering about 2/3 of the screen, as you match more jelly balls you score, the shield will lower. As an added bonus, you can alter the difficulty of all modes from 1 to 3 stars. The Logical Mode consists of ‘Get them all!’, ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Classic’. In ‘Get them all!’ you have to make all the jelly balls disappear, by cleverly twisting your Android device, in order to be able to get to the next level. In ‘Labyrinth’ you have to lead different colored balls to each other through a labyrinth and match them, in order to move on to the next level. In ‘Classic’, you have to match balls and get a minimum amount of points in order to get to a new level.

The many modes and difficulty options guarantee loads of puzzles to solve and time to spend.

Scope: 5/5


JellyBalls+ is a colorful game, that could look and sound fresher, but the wonderful controls and massive scope guarantee hours of matching, tapping and brain crunching, depending on what mode you pick. Therefore, it’s quite hard to describe the atmosphere, it could look and sound better, but the puzzles in itself are great and varied. I think that if the game would be updated, the atmosphere would greatly benefit, but it already scores solidly the way it is.

Atmosphere: 3/5

Fun Factor: Game. Set. Match.

The match factor is extremely present in JellyBalls+. The scope and controls make the game wonderful and fun, the game is great for both mindless color matching, as well as brain crunching puzzles. On top of that, the tilt controls are brilliant and give a new dimension to the game. Game and Set would be Graphics and Sound, in that respect JellyBalls+ isn’t there yet, but it’s on the right path. For the puzzles and controls the game could get the full amount of points, but since the eyes and ears also need to be pleased, I’m going to hold back and promise to add them, when the game has been updated accordingly.

Fun Factor: 3/5


JellyBalls+ is a fun puzzle game with loads of different elements that allow for both mindless fun, as well as a good brain crunching puzzle. Now if only the game would look more like a real piece of delicious jelly sweets, combined with wonderful sounds this game would be an absolute winner. Now, it’s pretty good and great fun for everyone who like match games and puzzles.

Download the game here.

Reviewed by Lara van Waas.


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