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In the last few months, some of the most addicting games on Android have been puzzle games. Games like Angry Birds, Bebbled, Cut the Rope or Tiny Wings have brought the joy of casual games to an audience of millions. ‘Joining Hands’ developed by 10tons is trying to join the group of best rated – and best selling – games on Android. Is Joining Hands worth the 2,39€ its costs on the Android Market?


Graphics: Beautiful drawn comic graphics

Joining Hands is off to a good start. The graphics are beautifully drawn. The characters, little blobs with hands, are cute, with much attention to detail and their animations are detailed and lovely. The background of the game is a beautiful forest that changes its illumination depending on your progress. The more connections you create the brighter the day gets.

The only negative thing that we can mention is that we noticed some graphical glitches on one of our testing devices  (HTC Incredible S). These only happened during level change and did not interfere with the gameplay.
Graphics: 4/5

Sounds:Soundscape, dense as a forest

Sounds, this is the category where most puzzle games get in real trouble. Some lack music, some lack sound in general. Joining Hands is a pleasant exception to that rule. 10tons gave Joining Hands a dense, high value production of its sound scape.

Your Peablins make nice sounds that are not repetitive. Every kind of Peablin makes another sound, leading to a high variety.

The background sounds deliver, what the background graphic promises. Imagine a forest at night and you will know which sounds are embedded into Joining Hands.

Again, only one negative aspect can be mentioned. There is no background music, at all. We believe that, when added, it would enhance the musical experience even further.

Sounds: 4/5


Controls: Intuitive

The controls of Joining Hands are, easy, intuitive and highly responsive. You control the game by dragging and dropping your Peablins. Some Peablins, that have different abilities, can be changed by tapping on them. The screen reacts almost immediately to your movements, making it a pleasure to play this game.

Controls: 5/5

Scope: A forest, so vast you could get lost for hours

Joining Hands has an enormous scope. It features ten stages, each having around 18 levels. Every stage features an additional kind of Peablins, each with their own special abilities. The game gets harder with every world you progress. You will learn the game really fast, while mastering the later levels still remains a challenge. If you have completed all levels and stages and are still looking for a challenge, Joining Hands has an implemented Open Feint support, making it possible for you to compare your scores with players from all over the world.
Scope: 5/5


Atmosphere: Lets hug some trees

If you have read the review so far, you might know what we think of Joining hands atmosphere. It is Legen, wait for it, dary!

You feel as if you are part of the Peablins population, wandering through the vast woods, trying to protect yourself by holding each others hands. Joining Hands creates an emotional bond between you and the creatures you control. A bond only a few games have achieved on Android so far.

Atmosphere: 5/5

Fun Factor: Fun, Fun, Fun

Joining Hands rocks. If you think that creating a game full of hippie creatures wandering around in a Forrest trying to hold hands sounds weird, you may be right, but still you are wrong. Regardless of its background story, Joining Hands works. Its Atmosphere unleashes a gravity only a few black holes can match, creating a Fun Factor only a few games like Asphalt 6 have achieved so far.

Fun Factor: 5/5



We will write as little as possible. Just open the Android Market and download Joining Hands. You will have lots and lots of fun. Really, go, now! It is a nearly perfect puzzle game you must download, not some Duke Nukem forever that needs ten years to reach the surface just to suck.


Download the game here

Review by Julian Ermert. Videoreview by Julian Ermert and Lara van Waas


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