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One week before we reported about the release of Lonely Giant Games newest game “Jungle Jumper” and now we decided to review it. The developers from Ireland made an action arcade game in the style of “Doodle Jump“, but players have to climb instead of jumping.  You have to slip in the role of the little mouse Jorvis to explore the jungle while you’ll meet dangerous objects like dodging snakes, chameleons or spiders on your way up.

“Jungle Jumper” is a well-done game for an independent developing label with smooth graphics and nice surprising game interactions. It’s nice to see Jorvis the mouse jumping, earning power-ups or getting eaten by a snake, a spider or a bat. The controls are intuitive and they work without problems and mistakes. Also, the powerups are well-done: If you earn enough blue or green beans you will get beamed up by a giant plant or a giant dragonfly and there is also an Indiana Jones hat to defend Jorvis against the first attacks. Most impressive are the sweet jungle look and the matching drawn characters of the game. I was surprised from the atmosphere of the game because you really get sucked into this sweet cartoon jungle world.

Unfortunately, it is not everything perfect in “Jungle Jumper”, because there are some mistakes reducing the entertainment factor of the game. However,  these mistakes can be easily improved by the developers: First of all, I would like to draw the attention of the developers to the missing background music and the bad tones. The game definitely needs a cute matching background music with jungle sounds and much better animated tones when the player earns a powerup or is eaten by an enemy. Also, the scope of the game is too small because you only can earn powerups while playing a round of it, but there isn’t any kind of long-term interaction like developable characters, equipment or weapons. I think the game would probably benefits from an armor shall or some sweet weapons which are developable.

I can tell you that “Jungle Jumper” is much better than it looks at first sight and I’m positive that the developers will also improve the “bad” parts of the game in the next update. I can recommend “Jungle Jumper” to all arcade game fans and to people who are looking for something to play if they’re just bored for some minutes. With a bit of work (especially regarding the sounds), this game could earn a bronze medal, but at least we can already honor it with 17 Playandroid-Points. Congratulations!

Reviewed by Feri Nguyen


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