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This memory app is an adaption of the well-known classic game. The developer of this game, Martin Liersch, proves that a simple game like memory can be heaps of fun by adding some innovative features. You can play the classic game as it is, but this app also allows you to add your own photos to the deck of cards.  Since this game is supported by Scoreloop players can share their scores and start a competition with other players.  The competition element will have you playing this game, whilst training your brain at the same time.  Now that’s effective!


Story: Casual games have no story.

This game has no story, because it is a casual game. Casual games normally have no story element to them, because usually there is no need for one. This game has been designed to have fun and train your brain, there’s no need for a story.

Story: 0/5

Graphics: Solid 2D- graphics

The graphics of Memory are designed with solid 2D- graphics, these graphics fulfill their function. Of course, we can not expect complex 3D engines in simple games like this, but in future editions the developer might be able to add some animations and/or backgrounds for a bit more ‘oomph’. All in all we are satisfied with the graphics of Memory. Especially the possibility to personalize the deck with your own photos is wonderful.

Graphics: 3/5

Controls: Pretty good.

Whilst playing we could not find any problems considering the controls. You have to use the touchscreen in order to play and to navigate through the menus. Unfortunately there is no landscape mode, this is the only downside to the controls of Memory and the only reason it doesn’t get the full amount of points.

Controls: 4/5


Fun Factor:

This game is the perfect option to have some fun whilst travelling or to kill some time in general.  The possibility of personalization and the Scoreloop competition, added to the classic gameplay makes that we highly recommend this game. All in all, this game has everything that a good game needs!

Funfactor: 5/5

Overall: 15/25

Review by Than. Videoreview by Julian Ermert

You can download Memory following this link:


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