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Welcome to our new Android game review on Playandroid. Today we take a look at “Paper Glider Crazy Copter 3D”, a game from the developer “Neon Play”. Do you like paper-glider, then this game is everything you need. In “PGCC 3D” you control a paper helicopter through different levels. Your job is it to avoid various objects and find a safe way through the levels.

Safety first, to reach the end of every stage you have to be very careful. The first levels are easy and they teach you the basic controls and gameplay mechanics but be ready for the further even harder stages. Are you ready for this flight? Then read our complete review here on Playandroid.

Graphics: Paper-thin?

In this game the graphic is really good and all textures and animation are well designed. Even if you take a closer look, the textures have a high resolution and stay sharp. The art design is great too. All objects and textures have a cell-shading look. I like this graphical style and I think it fits better to the game then a realistic one would. Besides the look of the game, the technical execution is well done too. Everything runs smooth over your screen and on our tablet there were no slowdowns or something like this.

What I do not like about the graphics, is the control-layout on the bottom of the screen. It just does not hold the quality standard of the other elements described before. In my opinion the developer could achieve something better here. It would have been great, if the developer had chosen the control layout from a RC-Remote. It would definitly look better.

Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: Sounds like a real helicopter

Not everything is fine in this category. Let us start with the music. In “PGCC 3D” you only hear one tune that only shows up in the main-menu of the game. It is a crazy funky tune that got its very own charm, but it is not so good that it stays in your ear for hours. The second thing you will hear, is the death-sound! Ok, I am just kidding. Certainly the first thing your will hear is the starting sound of your helicopter, but the death sound is much more remarkable. The death-sound is that kind of tone, that will let you throw your device out of a window. This sound says only one thing: Sorry you are too bad for this game!

Overall the sound in “PGCC 3D” is good, but I heard better music and effects in other android games.  What I miss is a track while flying through the stages and especially some catchy tunes that fit good to the helicopter feeling of the game. Just look AIRWOLF and listent to it and you will know what I mean!

Sounds: 3/5


Controls: Helicopter training

The controls in “PGCC 3D” are precise and easy. This  fact is very important, because you will need all your concentration to beat every stage. You only need three buttons to control this game. On the left side of the screen you can steer your helicopter and on the right side you can fly up and down. I like it, when I can control a whole game with just three buttons.

Sadly not everything is perfect in this game. Like I said in the graphic section, I do not like the control layout on the bottom of the screen. Furthermore I miss an alternate control scheme to use the tilt controls of my device. I think  the gameplay mechanics of “PGCC 3D” would benefit from tilt controls. Beside of all this criticism the controls of this game are pretty good and that is why I give it four points.

Controls: 4/5


Scope: A lot of stuff to do!

80 Stages, bonus levels, gamecenter support, 12 cool copters, booster and much more. This game gives you everything you need. It is big and it offers you a lot of replay value. You will often come back just to reach one more star. The developer “Neon Play” did everything right with the content.

Scope: 5/5


Atmosphere: Fly away!

“PGCC 3D” is not an easy game, but with some practice it is possible to beat all the stages. Just sit down and relaxe and you will a have a lot of fun with this game. The high difficulty gives it a very unique feeling. Definitely not a game for casual gamers. What I miss, is a higher variety in musical scores and the overall soundscape and I hope that the developer will update the game with additional sounds in the future. The game just feels to clinical to me.

Atmosphere: 3/5

Fun Factor: Addicting

What is it, all great mobile games have in common?  They are all easy to pick up but hard to master. I had a lot of fun while playing “PGCC 3D”. It is hard yet fair and you will often come back for a new round of “Paper Glider Crazy Copter 3D”. For some gamers it might be too hard and that is why I could not give this game the highest rating.

Note: Even the title is funny. Say it three times in a row and you will know what I am talking about. ^^

Fun Factor: 4/5



I like this game and if you like challenging games too, I recommend it to you. There are some weaker parts like the music or the presentation of the control layout, but overall the game gives you everything you need. Play it and you will see it . Before I forget: IT IS FOR FREE (add supported)

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Reviewed by Tim Saalmann


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