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Did you enjoy playing the pick-up sticks game ‘Mikado’, when you were a kid? Trying to hold your hand as still as possible whilst taking one stick from the pile, so as not to move other sticks and lose your turn? Big Byte Games has released its own Mikado game, ‘Pick a Stick’. Pick a Stick is a single player highscore game, the goal is to pick up a pile of sticks as fast as you can. Therefore the game is fairly different from the classic multiplayer Mikado. All the more reason for us to put it to a test, does it prove to be just as much fun as Mikado, and can it bring back our childhood memories?


Graphics: Fun & Colorful

Pick a Stick has lovely, colorful graphics. Basically, the entire game looks likes your favorite candy, so delicious that you could eat it. The bright graphics run smoothly, we didn’t encounter any glitches. The only thing that we could come up with is that the graphics could be a bit more realistic. At the moment, the sticks still look a bit artificial.

Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: Music? What’s That?

As lovely as the graphics are as deadly is the sound of Pick a Stick. To put it more precisely, “what sound?” It seems as if the developer put all his attention towards the graphics, but forgot about the sound in the process. There is no music, no background sound, no nothing. You could literally hear a needle, or stick in this case, hit the ground.

This really is a missed chance. How much fun would it have been if you could hear the pile of sticks rumble, when you try to pick a stick that is still in the middle of the pile? Some relaxing music, or fast-paced music to get your adrenaline pumping would also have been a nice touch to the game.

Due to the complete lack of any sound, we can’t do anything else, but hand out no points at all.

Sounds: 0/5



Controls: Perfection

We could rave about the controls of this game for hours on end. The controls run so smoothly, they react directly to your touch, no waits, no glitches. The picture perfect of pure perfection.

Controls: 5/5

Scope: Entertainment All Around

Pick a Stick’s scope is large enough to keep you entertained for hours. The game has two modes. In the easy mode picking a wrong stick goes without consequence, whereas, in the hard mode, every time you touch a wrong stick 5 seconds are added to the clock. The highscore option is also a really big plus, it makes you want to keep beating your own score and that of others. The global scoreboard allows you to compare your scores to those of other players and this is a huge motivation to keep getting better and faster at the game too. Another reason to keep playing is the possibility to change the skin of the stick. At the start of the game, you can choose from four different skins, the other skins can be unlocked by playing the game or by spending o,99$. You can change your sticks into q-tips, chopsticks, sausages and much more!

We do think that the scope of the game could be bigger than what’s offered now. We would love to see more game modes or levels. A multiplayer mode would be the icing on the cake for sure! However, Pick a Stick in this form still scores a very respectable and solid amount of points in this category.

Scope: 3/5


Atmosphere: Candy Land?

The candy-like graphics attribute greatly to the lovely style of the game. However, great style alone doesn’t cut it in this category. We also think that the retro feeling of the game is a big plus. The game takes you back to a time when you were young, playing the game with your sibling while visiting grandpa and grandma. Lying on the attic floor, inhaling dust, you tried to keep your hand as still as possible, but inevitably an argument would start, “that one moved! It’s my turn now!” Ahh, sweet memories…

However, apart from the skins, the game lacks variation. We think that with more variation and more retro style, we could really lose ourselves in the game and feel the atmosphere better. We feel as if the game has more potential than it shows.

Atmosphere: 3/5

Fun Factor: Great Fun!

Let’s put it this way: Pick a Stick is fun. You’ll lose track of time trying to beat your own high score and unlocking skins. This game is a great casual game, that’ll keep you entertained for a long time.

Our only wish? We want more! More modes! More options! Now that we’re at it, could we please, PLEASE, get a multiplayer mode too? We promise that we’ll be good this year.

Fun Factor: 3/5



Pick a Stick is a gem. It’s fun to play, the graphics are awesome, the controls make us want to weep tears of joy (yes, they’re that good), the highscore option has you coming back for more, time and time again. Do you need more reasons to download it? No? I don’t think so either.

Download the game here

Review by Lara van Waas. Videoreview by Julian Ermert and Lara van Waas


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