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The younger generation probably doesn’t know the 90’s caretaking-phenomenom caused by the Tamagotchies, pixelated creatures – trapped in small low-tech handheld eggs, stole a lot of time and rewarded it by dying while you were asleep. To continue the legacy of taking care of a virtual creature, Zakeh now presents “Pou”. Here, you take care of some kind of triangular potatoe, whom you have to feed, wash, dress up, send to sleep and most of all play with. The main task in this game, besides raising your Pou, is to gain coins through 9 different minigames, so you can spend them on outfits for your little fellow, which can be pretty expensive and therefore require a lot of playing.

This minigames are actually well done and fit the intuitive controls, like a decent Doodlejump rip-off or a free-falling game. Though the cute graphics are very plain, they fit in the whole cozy atmosphere of the game. This also applies to the sounds, which are rather underdeveloped in the main menu, but shine during the minigames with individual music. Unlike the old Tamagotchi “Pou” does not frustrate you with a short live span of your creature and forgives longer durations of absence. You actually do get attached to the little guy, while the minigames encourage to play the game occasionally, keeping you track of your pet throughout time.

With 23 out of 30 review-points “Pou” earns a solid bronze-medal, we compliment Zakeh for this entertaining pet experience.

Reviewed by Jakub Kuspiel


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