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Did you have pets as a child? I had several, but none of them were as intelligent as the pets in today’s game “Pretty Pet Tycoon.”  In this casual game you help a pet set up an empire growing and selling fruit and making juice. You can hire other pets to work for you and upgrade machinery to speed up the production process. It sounds fun, but is it? It’s time to put this Halloween edition to the test!


Graphics:  Candyland

Pet Tycoon is an abundance of color and looks like a land made out of candy. The graphics are adorable with loads of cute pets (even the pirate panda looks cuddly cute), brightly colored tools and machinery and different settings that change every couple of levels, so that there’s enough variation. The only thing is that I think the fore- and background could be merged more, to make it look a bit more realistic. A part from that the graphics are great, the pets don’t walk through machinery and they all have their own characteristics, the turtle really is a lot slower than the other pets. All in all, these graphics are perfect for this game.

Graphics: 4/5


Sounds: Mixed feelings

The intro music of Pet Tycoon is great, it swings and is extremely happy. The music in between levels is also very happy and cheery, that’s why I have mixed feelings about the music that’s played in each level: compared to the other tunes it seems very uninspired. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, but the other arrangements sparkle, whereas this one is a bit dull. When developer Animoca could change this, I know at least one gamer (that would be me), who would be very happy.

The background sounds of the game seem minimal, this is because of the music in level, but there are (when you pay attention to it) quite a lot of sounds: putting a fruit in a machine, juicing it, wrapping the product and the car driving away.

All in all loads of sounds in this game. The only downside is that the music within each level is a bit boring, compared to the other tunes. Once that’s spiced up this game could easily get full points.

Sounds: 4/5


Controls: Easy does it

You drag the fruit to the ground/machine where you want it to go and then to the packing station and after that into the trunk of the car. You touch the fruit of your choice and slide it to where you want it to go. Easy does it. However, you have to be careful when it comes to the car: the car has to stand still in order for you to load it, that means that the moment it backs up on your property, you can’t put anything in the trunk. That’s very useful info I’m giving you here, since it bouncing back and you trying to grab it again could mean that the product spoils, so waiting a few seconds could help you make more money.

Controls: 5/5


Scope: It seems endless

Again, a game of which I have no clue how large the scope is. It seems that with a lot of games that are available for free the scope isn’t clearly states anywhere in the menu. However, I’m quite hooked on this game and have played a lot and the game seems to be endless. You start at one location and every couple of times when you level up you go to a new location, sometimes switching back to an old location, so that you can still grow fruit, but you can also make juice and fruit candy. You can upgrade machinery, buy new machinery, hire helpers and upgrade these helpers too, making it easier to get more points. In order to level up you need an x amount of experience points, that means that you have to play the garden/factory an x amount of times in order to get those experience points. During those times you earn money that you can buy upgrades with. It is possible to start in one location and level up and then be transferred to another location where you have to start in level one, before you’re transferred back to the old location, where you’re still in level three (are you still with me?).

Still, I don’t know how many levels and locations there are in total so I’m going to hand out points for: the different locations, the different levels and the upgrading. It would be much appreciated if the developer would be able to show us gamers  in the menu the amount of levels and worlds that can be played. I would definitely be tempted to play longer if I knew that I was about to enter a new location.

Scope: 3/5


Atmosphere: Candyland x2

Candyland is really what describes this Android game best: an abundance of (girly) colors, cute helpers (the pirate panda is my favorite) and at one point in the game you actually are able to run your own candy factory! This game is about speed and getting products done before they spoil, so you might not be able to enjoy the cute & colorful atmosphere, but that’s the only minus.

Atmosphere: 4/5

Fun Factor: Extremely enjoyable.

Pet Tycoon is a great game. I wasn’t sure about it when I was getting started, but I’m hooked. Countless times I’ve thought “let me test this” and then I ended up playing the game for half an hour or more. This is a fun game, it’s addicting and the different locations (the possibility to be shipped back to an old location) and all the upgrades that you can buy make this game very entertaining. It’s a bit stressful, but if you’re looking for a game that looks cute, sounds good and has a great atmosphere then this is the game for you.

Fun Factor: 5/5



Pretty Pet Tycoon the Halloween edition is a great game. I’m absolutely hooked and I would recommend this game. It might be a game more aimed at girls, but since you can download the game for FREE, boys have no excuse to not download it too. So click on the link!

Download the game here.

Reviewed by Lara van Waas.


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