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Recently I wrote about an independent casual game called “RoboWorks“, which is developed by the German developer Sven Frese and today I will write a review about it. In this game you are an employee in a robot factory and your job is to separate the broken robots from the normal robots and activate the turned off ones. The game is over, if you let three broken robots pass and after a while the game gets faster and faster. We will see in my review if “RoboWorks” should be fired or ought to rest on your android device!

RoboWorks knows how to persuade with a very simple game idea and corresponding controls to it, because the only thing you need to do is either tapping to activate the normal robots and to collect power ups or swiping for sorting the broken robots out. Besides that the background music is quite ordinary, but it is pretty catchy and funky, though. Furthermore the possibility to log into “Scoreloop” allows the player to share his or her highscore with others around the world. That transports a feeling of challenge and the players gets encouraged to play more and pump up the highscore.

Despite of that “RoboWorks” has a lot of annoying mistakes, that ranks it down. The graphics are pretty poor and get boring after a while. In addition to that there is a lack of variation relating to only three different robot types, which are not very varied from each other and a repetitive gameplay. Secondly, there are only two items to collect – a magnet and a bonus multiplicator. These disadvantages are causing that the long-term motivation isn’t very high. Unfortunately I am not pleased with the sounds either, because there are none of them while you are tapping, collecting or swiping something and this is sad. I would have loved to hear some factory sounds like a crushing barrel, a beep sound for activating or the noise of the assembly lines.

To put everything into a nutshell: “RoboWorks” is a nice and challenging game for the meantimes, but nothing more since it suffers from some teething troubles. The background music, the online rankings and the easy controls are the positive aspects, but the great lack of variation and the missing sounds lead almost to a discharge of the robot factory. Nevertheless, if the negative aspects and the suggestions are considered, the game will be highly increased!

Reviewed by Johannes Jimeno


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