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A few months ago we wrote an article about a game of the development company Snowball Software called “Attack of the Wasabi Pea Invaders” and now the time has come for a review of their new game: “Sargot”. In this brain teaser/puzzle game the atmosphere is almost perfect due to the gloomy and frightening background music, the infernal surroundings and the evil look. The game principle is pretty easy, well instructed and accompanied by voice overlays.

Sounds devilishly good, but isn’t the devil in the details?

Even though the graphics are oldschool, they’re not up-to-date. Unfortunately you have to feeling of playing a game 20 years ago, which is kind of nostalgic, but not convincing enough. However, the most annoying thing is the respawn mechanism: If you’re out of lives, you have to start all over again, which makes the game very frustrating and difficult. Also, the controls aren’t intuitive, since the character doesn’t run automatically if you rest your finger on the arrows. That means, you’ve got to tap, tap, tap…

To sum up, I would say that “Sargot” is a game of the extremes. While it has its strengths in terms of “Sounds” and “Atmosphere”, it’s very weak when it comes to “Graphics” and “Controls”. Logically consistent this game gets 15 points – although the game is everything but mediocre. If the developer James Port take care of the flaws, this game would definitely get a review medal! Congrats to Snowball Software!

Reviewed by Johannes Jimeno


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