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Welcome to our new Android game review. Today we take a look at Scrubs”, the new click and search game developed by Herocraft. Wait, Scrubs? THAT SCRUBS? Yes, that Scrubs. Herocraft has acquired the licence of one of the best Medical-Sitcom-Drama series ever created. (I am sorry Doogie Howser, but having Neil Patrick Harris is just not enough.) You step into the shoes of one young doctor starting its career at the Sacred Heart hospital. There you will meet every beloved character known from the series, starting with the infamous Janitor. However, the big question every game using a big license has to answer is, if it is able to deliver a good gameplay while creating an atmosphere honest to the used franchise.

Graphics: Dr. Elliot Reed

Scrubs is using a similar approach as Musaic Box.  It is using nicely drawn and animated backgrounds that try to rebuild the Sacred Heart Hospital. As usual Herocraft has done a great job here. The background have a lot of details and if you look closely you will find some nice hints toward the Scrubs universe. Talking about the Scrubs universe; for a game like Scrubs it is really important to be honest to the source material. Therefore characters included in the game should look similar to their original models. Thankfully, Herocraft has done everything right here. You can clearly recognize the different characters making it easy to become part of the “Scrubs” world. Overall the graphics are very similar to Dr. Elliot Reed. Beautiful.

Graphics: 4/5



Sounds: J.D.

There are some series that have very famous theme songs. Starting with I’ll be there for your from “Friends” or “Teardrop” by “Massive Attack” used in “House” over Star Treks unforgotten theme song to my personal favorite: Twin Peaks and its eerie theme song by Angelo Badalamenti. Scrubs is one of these series as well. Sadly, it seems as if Herocraft could not aquire the rights to use the original music. They implemented a music that sounds similar to the original music but sadly it is not as good as it. The sound-effects are nice though, giving the game a higher variety and denser sound-sphere.

Sounds: 3/5


Controls: Todd

The controls of “Scrubs” are extremely easy and intuitive. I believe that everyone can handle them. Basically, all you have to do is touch the screen to gather different objects. If you can’t find some of those needed the game gives you several “hint” options that will definitely help you finding them. Everything is really intuitive making it very easy to start you career at the Sacred Heart. Put in simple words: The controls are similar to Todd: Everyone can use them how often and where ever they want.

Controls: 5/5


Scope: The Janitor

While a typical episode of “Scrubs” has a length of 20 minutes, The “Scrubs” Android game is a bit longer. It features 11 rooms full of hidden objects for you to find. Additionally you will have to succeed in different mini-games that are tied into the story. It is this variation that makes “Scrubs” to more than just a typical “find and click game” for Android. However, adding some mini-games is not enough to raise the scope bar that much higher. There might be a high amount of different rooms and a variety of mini-games, the overall gameplay stays repetitive though making it hard to give extremely high scores for scope. I think of the scope in the same manner I think of the Janitor. Its funny and sometimes he really surprises you, but most of the time the behavior is repetitive.

Scope: 3/5


Atmosphere: Ted

What is the most important thing, games using a big license have to keep in mind? In my opinion it is transferring the atmosphere of the source to the new medium. Sadly, this is the Achilles heel of Herocrafts Android game “Scrubs”. The missing original music and a gameplay that, in my opinion, lacks the humor that was the basis of “Scrubs” success prevent Herocraft  to recreate the “Scrubs” universe on your Android device. The whole game feels to sterilized missing the soul of the original material. As I am comparing every part of this review to a “Scrubs” character the atmosphere is the weakest link. Its Ted.

Atmosphere: 2/5


Fun Factor: Dr. Cox

Therefore I have to compare Fun Factor to my favorite character Dr.Cox. I simply love his ambiguity. Being a nice guy while sometimes being a total jackass. The same ambiguityis true for the “Srubs” Android game. While it is one of the better object-search games that enriches its gameplay with several mini-games it lacks most of the original atmosphere of “Scrubs” which is like kicking into the **** of gamers and “Scrubs” fans.

Fun Factor: 3/5



In conclusion, I would recommend playing “Scrubs” by Herocraft. It might not be the best game there is but it is still very nice to see those beloved characters again. I could not help but smile while Carla gave me ridicules tasks or while the Janitor gave me his crap. Although it lacks the originality of its source material its still nice to get back there for a few more hours.

Game is not yet released

Reviewed by Julian Ermert


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