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Hey there! As the summer is on its way to become the hottest one since records began, it’s really high time to get in shape now! Fortunately, The German development studio “Tiltgames” shows you to get beach ready in no time. Just grab your mobile device, get on the couch, and play their newest game “SHAPES” until summer is over – then you don’t have to worry about your figure anymore. 😀

Yes, you can relax now. We won’t review just another fitness tracker, but showing you an alternative tetris puzzle game, that’ll keep you on the run, too!

Shapes Screenshot


With their newest game “SHAPES”, Tiltgames proved once more, that their graphics are state-of-the-art and zeitgeisty:  Tiltgames’ “Candy Racer” was part of the sweet-like-chocolate-trend, “Connectixx” followed the doodle-style-hype and now, “SHAPES” comes along with thin fonts, flat shapes and pastel shades. You won’t see another game looking more like 2015 than this one. Yes, a little bit more variety never hurt anyone, but I’m quite satisfied with the clean and modern look of this game.


SHAPES is a minimal and relaxing puzzle game. – that’s the slogan of this game and regarding the background music, you can definitely say, that Tiltgames tried to build up a smooth and relaxing atmosphere… But then there are noisy and bugging sounds interrupting you every time you interact with the game.

But Why

I strongly recommend the function to switch off the sounds separately or to overwork the whole soundscape once more. At the moment, the sounds interfere with the beautiful music and that’s a shame!


Don’t worry – their name doesn’t say it all. You don’t have to tilt your phone in order to move the tetris-like blocks into the destination box in the middle. Just use one finger and they will rotate or snap in. Feels pretty good and is as easy as it sounds. 10/10 points!

Shapes By Tiltgames


I’ve seen tetris in every possible derivation, but I’ve never seen a game like this. Tiltgames managed the balancing act of seducing the users with some sweet Tetris scent, but offering them something fresh, something new, something original. Well played!


To quote our intern, who was forced to play all 100 levels of this game (pretty hard job, hum? ^^), “this game gets boring after 50 levels as the difficulty level don’t increase anymore”. Well, in my opinion, this game is tough enough, but I do miss something else: What about some achievements? A highscore? Share functions? A time mode? I think, the game idea is excellent, but the developers did not take any chance to milk it.

All in all, we got an original and unique puzzle game that’s highly recommended – but has got an even higher potential. So download “SHAPES” for free now!

7.0 Awesome

"SHAPES" by Tiltgames is an original and unique puzzle game.

  • Graphics 8
  • Sound 3
  • Controls 10
  • Originality 9
  • Replayability 5

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