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Welcome to our new Android game review. Today we take a look at “Sim City Deluxe”,  a game from the developer “Method Solutions”. Now the classic is back for your Android device. For all people who used to play “Sim City 2000”, this game could be the right thing for you. With “Sim City Deluxe” you have the same gameplay mechanics and addicting gameplay that made “Sim City 2000” so popular.

Build up a city from thin air, this is you main mission in “Sim City Deluxe”. You are the architect of your own city. You shape your city with streets and different buildings in your very own way. For more information about this game, read our review here on Playandroid.

Graphics: Good old times

“Sim City Deluxe” is played like “Sim City 2000” and it looks like it. Everything seems to be from the past. This is not a bad thing, but graphic junkies, who got spoiled by Shadowgun, should better avoid this game. On the one side the modest graphics are a small disappointment, on the other side there are good enough for a old school strategy game like “Sim City Deluxe”.

All objects in the game are discernible at first sight. This is very important for a good construction strategy game. The menus and diagrams are perfect readable too. This is important, because you have to read and understand a lot of different diagrams and graphics. Overall you cannot compare this game to strategy blockbuster like “ANNO 2070”, but for a strategy game on Android it looks pretty good.

Graphics: 3/5


Sounds: Relaxed!

Let me say this first: “Sim City Deluxe” sounds pretty good wiith its nice tunes in the background and its fine sound effects. This game offers you a nice sound backdrop for an Android game. All sound effects and music tracks are good produced and transfering a relaxed atmosphere to the game. Overall everything seems to be at the right place and that is why “Sim City Deluxe” deserves good four points in this category.

Sounds: 4/5


Controls: Build the world with your fingers

Just use you fingers to build up an entire city. This sounds easy, but it is much more complicated. In “Sim City Deluxe” you have to follow the standard build order of the series. At first you build a street on the landscape to define the first borders of your city. The next step is the water and electricity supply. After you did all the basic infrastructure stuff,  you are ready to build up some (industrial) buildings. You can do all these actions with a few finger orders, but let me say this to you first: It is not that simple.
The overall control scheme is just too much for a touch screen device. It is just not precise enough and you have to use the demolisher too often. The original game could access the famous keyboard and mouse combination and that was perfect for this kind of game, sadly the transfer to the touchscreen is not as successful.

Controls: 3/5


Scope: Big City Light

Normally, all construction strategy games offers you endless gameplay value and “Sim City Deluxe” is no exception in this category. Besides the standard endless mode you can play through seven multifaceted scenarios. To put it briefly, with “Sim City Deluxe” you get a game that offers you enough content for an entire holiday and even more. To illustrate this again, here are some features from the game: modify terrain with touch control, seven scenarios, disasters like blizzards, locust plagues and even electrical storms. These are only a few of the amazing features of this game. That is more than enough for an Android game. I have to give this game five points, anything else would be a shame for the “Sim City” franchise.

Scope: 5/5


Atmosphere: Sim standard

The Atmosphere of a Sim-Game lives from the cuddly graphics and the catchy sound backdrop. The problem is that both of  them are not that perfect in  “Sim City Deluxe”. I just miss the unique Sim-City feeling!  I don’t know exactly what is missing, but I can feel, that there’s a small lack of spirit in this game.

Atmosphere: 4/5

Fun Factor: Strategy at its best?

I can recommend this game to all strategy fans out there. Only the stiff and way to complicated controls are a disappointment, but overall “Sim City Deluxe” is a fun game to play! If you have some time in your holiday or vacation, download this one.

Fun Factor: 4/5



It’s  “Sim City”. Nothing more and nothing less. The gameplay gets never too old and even future generations will have fun with this game. Overall, the port to Android was (except of the controls) successful and I’m looking forward to play this game in my free time!

Reviewed by Tim Saalmann


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