Android Game Review – Sokoban Garden


Sokoban Garden” is a classic Sokoban puzzle game that was developed by Kivano Software. It has beautiful and cute graphics with exciting and funny animations like the face of the ladybug showing us its emotions. The sound and the background music are great, especially the sound while moving the stones is fascinating. Also, the controls are perfect and also offers different control schemes to the players. The whole game is great and cute and everything fits nearly perfect, so that I could never have imagined that the game was developed by some independent developers. There is only one thing I can criticize, the scope, because although the game has many levels and two different worlds, I think they could add some power-ups or upgrade opportunities to have more long-term fun.

I have to pay the developers a huge compliment because they improved themselves a lot since we reviewed their first game “Jelly Balls+” – and “Sokoban Garden” is just their second game. The game is really impressive and should be a total success. On the basis of my arguments I am pleased to honor “Sokoban Garden” with  26 Playandroid points and our shiny silver medal. Congratulations!

Reviewed by Feri Nguyen


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