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In a distant galaxy, far far away from earth, there is life in space. What kind are we talking about? Sheep of course! Just play the new arcade game “Space Sheep” by Lonely Giant Games and you’ll find out. The sheep mastered space flight and are now on their way to collect as many flowers floating around a derelict planet as they can.


This sounds more menacing than it really is, because the game looks rather cute and happy. Everything is kept in pixelated retro-style. The sheep are animated when commanded to fly up and the whole mobile game sports a coherent design idea. While there are quite a lot of details already in the game, it could use some more variety in terms of level design. Since it is basically an endless-runner, seeing always the same obstacles and the same background gets boring after a while.


Sounds and especially the music could need a touch-up as well. Especially the music, since there is none in the game. This is rather surprising, because the rest of the game seems to be put together so well. Even though the sound effects fit and the sheep give off a appropriate “Baaah!”, it just feels like there is a crucial component missing from the soundscape. Some chiptune music would fit perfectly into the setting.


Luckily the controls make up for it with a perfect score. The one-touch gameplay is intuitive and everyone who played the infamous “Flappy Bird” before should feel right at home. There’s a brief instructional message at the start of every round, so nobody should get confused by the controls. On top of that the input is lag-free and precise.

Mobile Game Review Space Sheep Screenshot

Space Sheep


Already mentioned, “Space Sheep” shares more similarity with the “Flappy Bird” than just controls. While the former is not a direct copy, it still borrows heavily from the latter. The inspiration is noticeable and this diminishes the game’s original appeal. Then there is still the overall theme to consider: Sheep in space is not some common trope among mobile games. So although the games originality suffers heavily from the apparent comparison to the original flapping game, it can at leas salvage some points thanks to its original design concept.


“Space Sheep” inherited something from the prototype that’s not a bad thing: the addictive nature of its gameplay. This adds to the replay value of the game, as well as the whole theme and graphical execution. Then there are the unlockable sheep characters to consider which bind the players to the game, until all are unlocked. With the global highscore over Google Play Games and the random level design, there are two other things that make this game interesting in the long run. Some achievements would be a nice addition though and could increase the replay value even further.

Still, “Space Sheep” already is an nice little game and perfect for wasting a little time on the go. It is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as always.

Space Sheep - Rating

6.6 Good

"Space Sheep" is a nice little game with good graphics and great controls. It could boost its sound qualities a bit though. Still, we thought this game deserved the "Good" rating.

  • Graphics 7
  • Sound 5
  • Controls 10
  • Originality 4
  • Replayability 7

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