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There are already quite a few word puzzles already in the store. We even covered one or two in our reviews. Developer SpellGrid Labs still want to try their luck in this genre and pit their mobile game “SpellGrid” against all the competition. Unlike other games, this one uniquely combines elements from traditional word-puzzles and anagram-puzzles.


At the first glance, the game looks like your standard variety of crossword puzzles. This changes quickly, once the game starts. Everything follow a minimalist approach. The colors are reduced to a few earthen oranges and browns, the rest of the game is either black or white. This makes for an excellent contrast though, a must, when it comes to games that are all about text. It fits the game really well and gives it this vibe of sophistication. While we tested we noticed some elements in the games menus did not seem to be fit for HD-screens though. A minor flaw with no impact on the gameplay though.


The audio presentation of “SpellGrid” even surpasses its graphical setup. For a puzzle game like this, missing music is perfectly fine. With the mind always working, this would be actually much too distracting for the players. The other indicator sounds are subtle yet really fitting. The game continues with its minimalist approach and makes careful use of audio feedback.


One-touch gameplay is all there is needed in a word-puzzler like this. Simple sliding motions come naturally and the concept of what to do is easily understood. Some sort of quick introduction and visual cues guide the player through the first start-up of the game. With no input lag or problems whatsoever, “SpellGrid” makes really good use of the capabilities of a touchscreen.

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As mentioned before, there are other word-puzzle games out there. Some are more like crossword puzzles, others are just anagram-games. This one is both combined, which makes for an interesting gameplay experience. Together with its unique style, this game really stands out among the crowd of generic word-puzzle clones.


Replay value is always a tricky category to get a high score in. “SpellGrid” manages this effortlessly. One big plus is the amount of content in the game: a lot of different leaderboards, achievements, various game-modes and detailed player-statistics equip this game with quite the amount of stuff to see and do. Added to this mix is the highly challenging gameplay. All these components make the player come back time and time again, always experiencing something new or exciting.

So people who like to challenge themselves should really take a look at this game. Even folks who usually do not play this kind of game are encouraged to try it out. It is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

SpellGrid- Rating

8.4 Awesome

"SpellGrid" really impresses in almost every regard and even gets top scores for its replay value. Only the graphics could be a bit more exciting. Still we thought this game absolutely deserves its rating and we award it with a "Awesome".

  • Graphics 7
  • Sound 9
  • Controls 9
  • Originality 8
  • Replayability 9

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