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Today I’ll be playing and writing about “Squishy Fruit.” This casual game by developer is all about speed. Apples, bananas, oranges and pears pop up on your screen and it’s your goal to squish them by tapping on them. Accuracy is key, since a miss-tap will cost you points. On top of that, bugs are introduced, that you need to squish as well. I’m curious, so let’s get started!


Graphics: Fruity fresh

The graphics of Squishy Fruit are fresh, fun, cute and quirky. The bananas, apples, pears and oranges have big eyes and fun expressions, whereas the maggots and flies look cute and cuddly at first, but that’s before they put on boxing gloves and start swinging hammers in order to smash your screen! Wonderful about this game is that the background changes every 6 levels. You start in a cute hilly area, then you move on to a flowery field, a table, a shop, and finally, the desert. The background graphics really suit the fruit graphics, they’re fun and colorful. There is no real interaction between the fruit, animals and background graphics. It would have been fun if there would be different bugs for the different backgrounds, but that’s basically the only thing that I can recommend. The graphics of Squishy Fruit are consistently fun, cute and colorful.

Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: Overload

Squishy Fruit comes with loads of sounds. The fun thing about Squishy Fruit is that the music and background sounds follow the same pace as the speed of the game. Each six level cycle (seven for the last world) starts slowly and as you progress the speed goes up, the speed of the music and background sounds goes up accordingly. I think this is a lovely, fun and unique feature of the game. However, it also makes for quite a cacaphonic sound mix.

In general, the happy music of Squishy Fruit brings a smile to your face, the fact that it speeds up is fun and an indication of how fast you need to be in order to finish the level succesfully. However, the game comes with loads of background sounds as well. There’s a sound for fruit that pops up, a seperate sound for squishing fruit and again, more sounds for the bugs. Separately all these sounds are brilliant and fun, together it can sound like a weird mash-up.

I think it’s wrong to subtract points with the argument that a game has ‘ too much’  sounds, but I’m about to do it. It seems as if the developer anticipated the possible unharmonious sound clash, because there are separate options for switching off music and sounds. This is great, because then you can still hear all the wonderful sounds. Unfortunately, not at the same time. It would have been great if the developer would have created sounds that would go together really well, instead of having to pick one or the other.

Sounds: 4/5


Controls: Tap to squish!

The controls of Squishy Fruit are extremely simple: you tap to squish. The controls are simple and run pretty smooth, however, it’s not always clear to me why I didn’t squish a fruit or didn’t smash it. Especially in the faster levels, I tap so vehemently on the bugs that I seem to sometimes miss more than I hit. This isn’t down to bad controls, as much as it is to frantically tapping in order to squish maggots with boxing gloves. However, I do think that it adds to the frustration level, especially with smaller screens “I really tapped that bug! Why isn’t it squished?” Therefore, it might seem as if the controls aren’t always as responsive. Trust me, it’s just a diversion: it’s you, not the game.

Controls: 5/5

Scope: More “Squishy Fruit”, please

Squishy Fruit is a pretty big game, there are 31 levels divided over 6 backgrounds. This means that there are 6 cycles of starting out slowly and having to tap increasingly frantically in order to get through to the next level, with more and more dangerous opponents. However, 31 levels isn’t that big. Granted, the levels get increasingly more difficult and it’s not easy to pass each and every one of them, but I’d definitely welcome more levels. Also, I would love it, if the developer would introduce more fruit in the game. Two bugs are introduced and grow increasingly violent throughout the game, but it’s the same four types of fruit that you have to keep squishing. It would be a fun transition to a new world, if a new type of fruit were to be introduced, for example, kiwi and strawberry, and that you can get extra points for squishing those. Extra bugs would be great too, however, they’re quite difficult to exterminate, therefore, more bugs might make the game extremely difficult, but for ‘Ultimate Pro’-levels it would be a great addition.

Scope: 3/5


Atmosphere: Awesome!

Fun, colorful, cute, and different are words that pop into my head when playing Squishy Fruit. This fun game is very entertaining, it looks great, it has an abundance of sounds and the controls work well. What I absolutely LOVE about this game is the different cycles. It’s great to get into the game, play, speed up, and then slow down, when entering a new world. I especially appreciate this when a new adversary is introduced. For me, the frustration level would reach a peak and I probably would stop playing the game, when the game would continuously speed up over 31 levels and new adversaries were to be introduced without slowing the game down. The different cycles also prevent you from playing on ‘auto-pilot’. You need to keep your head in the game!

Atmosphere: 5/5

Fun Factor: Get ready, set, tap!

Squishy Fruit is great game for fun and frustration. I kept playing and upping my speed in order to pass all levels. I’m not completely done yet, but I’ll get there. This is an entertaining casual game and a great finger workout to boot! The game looks great, has loads of sounds, good controls and a wonderful atmosphere. It’s just a pity that after 31 levels it’s done. More levels would definitely mean more fun!

Fun Factor: 4/5



This Android game is fun, cute and different. The six cycles make it great fun to play and continuously having to increase speed and then slow down keeps your head in the game. If you’re up for an entertaining game, where you have to be really fast and are stress-proof, then this is a great game for you!

Download the game here.

Reviewed by Lara van Waas.


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