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Super Dynamite Fishing is the new fishing game from HandyGames, and not only does it aim to be a completely unique fishing game, the game also includes mini-games and achievements. However, does the game achieve everything it sets out to do? Or is Super Dynamite Fishing simply trying to do too much?  Find out in this detailed Playandroid review!

With a range of gaming ideas and a girl to try and win, plus many different weapons and bonus areas, this game certainly does offer a lot for the money, seeing that the game is available for €0.99 on the Android Market. The most important thing however of course, is how it plays… and our 6-tier test system will throroughly examine every aspect of this fishing extravanganza. Will this fishing game keep us hooked?


Graphics: Fun and fantastic

The graphics in this game fit in absolutely perfectly. They are not the most impressive or realistic graphics you are ever going to see, but they compliment the gameplay beautifully. They are made in a 2-D cartoon style, and they never get on your nerves. During the gameplay itself, everything is easy to see, and the game world and map are also very well done. The different boat designs and sea creatures are wonderfully drawn and overall, these graphics give off a sense of fun and excitement that will keep the player extremely happy.

Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: Tuneful

Just like the graphics, the sounds are also fun and bouncy and there is no need to revert to the mute button. Compared to the vast majority of Android games, the sounds in this Super Dynamite Fishing are actually not annoying at all and you can happily play along with these in the background. Some of the sounds are even quite comical and I think that is in part what this game tries to be – great fun to play but also with a couple of laughs included to keep the player wanting more.

Sounds: 4/5

Controls: Simple and slick

The only thing that prevented this game from receiving full marks on controls is because I had a few problems turning my fishing boat from side to side while playing the game.  Yet we shouldn’t dwell on this too long. Otherwise, the controls are lovely. There are numerous ways in which you can move items, such as guns and sticks of dynamite, and everything flows very well. The rumble feature when you let of some dynamite is also very impressive.

Shooting birds in the air is carried out with a simple tap of the screen, and the feel when using other weapons only improves. It really is a fun fishing game to control and would be suitable for people of any age to try out. The controls are really not complicated, but are still slick and effective.

Controls: 4/5


Scope: We’ve caught a big one!

This game feels absolutely huge. Almost overwhelming at times. There are many things to do and achieve, and it will take you a large amount of time to do this. First of all, there are a large amount of achievements to unlock. These range from the number of fish you’ve destroyed to the number of birds you’ve shot down with your weapon. Secondly, there is a girl you are trying to woo, and picking the right presents and earning enough to buy these for her will take some doing. Thirdly and lastly, the world map is surprisingly big. Much bigger than I was expecting. With many unlockable stages to fish in, this game is ridiculously big. Nevertheless, you will not get bored trying to do everything the game has to offer.

Scope: 5/5

Atmosphere: Comical and wacky

This game is hilarious, outlandish and brilliant fun. I haven’t had as much fun playing a game in a fair while. The mix of sounds and graphics compliment the game perfectly and create a really unique atmosphere. You will have your laughs and you will be riveted throughout. The atmosphere generated by this game will appeal to all ages and all types of gamers, from the young to the old, from the casual to the experienced gamer. The game achieves everything it set out do regarding the feel it gives off, and therefore only maximum marks will suffice.

Atmosphere: 5/5

Fun Factor: Addictive

There are many strands of gameplay threaded together here, but they work together really well. It is frantic trying to shoot down birds while also keeping an eye on the fish below and trying to collect your winnings. Then there is the strive to obtain the best boats (which look amazing) and the best guns (which are thrilling to use). The love-life side-plot, which, although not entirely necessary, is still a fairly addictive add-on, but the game could have probably done without it all in all. Super Dynamite Fishing really does grip the gamer and refuses to let go!

Fun Factor: 4/5


Super Dynamite fishing reels you in and keeps you absolutely hooked! This is truly a breath of fresh air and covers so many genres. It definitely isn’t your usual fishing game. With shooting and relationship elements included, this game really does have it all. Plus for such a low price on Android Market, this is well worth the download. It is simply difficult to think of any negative things to say about the game. It is gripping, it is massive and it is hilarious. Only the most serious of gamers wouldn’t have fun playing this game. 

Download the game here

Reviewed by Michael Veal. Video Review by Julian Emert


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