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Become the King of the Swamp! Today we’re reviewing “Swamp Adventure” by “Frozen Logic Studios”, a reflex-based skill game, where you take control of a frog and his lily pad to defeat all the dangerous animals around your swamp . Overcome nature and get yourself to the top of the food chain by surviving the dangerous swamp area. The game looks very promising already, but check out the review to see how it does in our Playandroid rating system.


Graphics: Cute Drawings

The graphics of “Swamp Adventure” are in a cute childlike comic style, which always work good for mobile games if they are implemented well. And here they are! Of course you could say it’s just drawed and no high-end 3D graphics, but for me its more important to have an appealing look than some shabby 3D-graphics. Everything from the menu interface to the gameplay is well-designed and in a consistent style. We have different animal types and I like that the fore- and background graphics aren’t “seperated”, but work as one. The only thing leaving room for improvement is the setting, which stays always the same and could offer some variation, but all in all “Swamp Adventure” looks very pretty.

Graphics: 4/5

Sounds: Motivating

Finally with “Swamp Adventure” we have a good example for a varied sound again. Entering the menu we hear a catchy and diversified melody, which sounds happy, but not too cute and has a sweeping rhythm making you want to jump directly into the game. In the menu the sound is very present, whereas it is taken back in the gameplay where we have amazing splashing and bouncing sounds together with animal noises and the background music. There’s just one thing missing that would have meant the 5 points. As you are able to make combos by jumping on the birds back in row without hitting the lily pad, I would have liked a rising soundtrack, which increases the tension and keeps you motivated. But as I said this would have been just the icing on the already delicious cake.

Sounds: 4/5


Controls: Touch or Tilt

Your frog is jumping automatically up and down the lily pad, while you have to move him around the swamp to jump on the passing birds and avoid the swimming fishes. Moving further into the game new enemy types are added and the fished blow themselves up and fly to make it even more harder. Your job is to defeat as many birds as possible to get the highest score. The more birds you get in a row without touching the lily pad, the more points you get.

To move the lily pad you have to possibilites: Using touch controls and drag and drop the lily pad right where you want it on the swamp or using tilt controls to move the lily pad around.

For me the touch controls work much better and more intuitive. This control mode works perfectly smooth and fast and is easy to get for everyone. The tilt control mode is a bit harder and needs more practice, but you can see the second mode as a bit more of a challenge.

Controls: 5/5



Scope: Cool Extras

“Swamp Adventure” takes place in one swamp, where you have to beat different bird types to beat the highscore. For highscore features the game is connected with OpenFeint, furthermore we have the standard features like upgrades and in-app purchases, so the scope is good for a highscore game, but also pretty standard. But there’s one thing outstanding in this one: There’s an unlockable “easy” mode especially for kids where you can play without diying and therefore it takes its place in the row of child-friendly games like those of “MediaMachina“, which I really appreciate. Also the way in-app purchasing is solved t otally fair. We get a free game with some ads from time to time and the possibilty to buy coins, but the coins can also be earned in the game by spending a bit more time. Compared to other games we’ve reviewed so far like “Dungeon Hunter 3” for example, we have finally a good example for a fair Freemium Model.

Scope: 4/5


Atmosphere: Child-Friendly

You are a frog in the most dangerous Tropical Swamp and you have to protect yourself against the other animals in your environment. Survive them and become the King of your Swamp. Unfortunately “Swamp  Adventure” doesn’t feature a background story, which would have make the game even more attractive for kids. Of course there is no huge story to tell, but some information who my character is, whats his name and what we’re doing in this swamp would have been nice. But nevertheless we have a well thought out game with a nice scenery and therefore also a good atmosphere. The sound and graphics are perfectly worked out and make “Swamp Adventure” a beautiful game, especially for kids.

Atmosphere: 3/5

Fun Factor: Original

What I like the most of “Swamp Adventure” is the original and creative game idea, which is simple and addictive and thank god its not another copy&paste of a successful idea. From the moment I started the game I was captured by the addicting gameplay of this inspring game.

Fun Factor: 4/5



So in the end I have nothing much to say than a big LIKE. A fair freemium model, an original gameplay…this game is just FUN. What can I tell you more? This game is fun, this game is for free, I have just two last words: Download it!


Reviewed by Anne Rupp.


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