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Almost two moths ago, we wrote an article about the arcade oldschool shooter game “Turmoil Deluxe” by the indie developer Martin Edmaier. Now it is time to take a closer look and create a review about it. The game has cool, part retro / part comical, graphics which are transporting an inviting opening. The game runs fluently and it makes a lot of fun to play it and the simple as well as direct controls support this feeling of joy. The scope is quite big thanks to 30 levels and three different game modes. A hint to the past is the saving function, because you have to write down a code, if you want to proceed on a special level – just like in the good old times!

Does this arcade spaceship have some serious issues?

Unfortunately yes. Although a nice background tune is implemented, it is the only one and it doesn’t match the cosmic atmosphere. It sounds like a cocktail lounge track with some asian elements, but this does not support a cohesive outer space feeling. Besides that, “Turmoil” has a strage way to go to the next level, because the game doesn’t tell you when you finished a level or show you a rank – this isn’t very satisfying.

To put everything into a nutshell: “Turmoil” is a cool and challenging arcade slide-shooter with a lot of potential. If the little deficiencies are gettig fixed, we will have a marvellous game! Congratulations to 19 points!

Review by Johannes Jimeno


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