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This time the Android Game Review is all about words and where they come from. Sometimes this can be quite tricky, especially when there are only pictures for clues. “Wuzzle” by Lipinic takes the gameplay of the traditional word puzzle and brings it to Android in a conveniently app-shaped package.


The game comes along in a simple yet original comic style. The unique mascot lightens up the whole premise of it being a word puzzler. It does not make the impression of being too serious. All in all the design is consistent throughout the game. The colors could be a bit brighter and make the whole thing slightly more exciting to look at. Right now it seems to lack contrast and something that really catches the eye of the player.


Since “Wuzzle” is a word puzzler, sound is not something people really need to have fun with the game. Sometimes it can be just too distracting. The best thing would be to make it optional, but sadly “Wuzzle” does not offer enough sounds and music in general. What’s there can be annoying in and of itself quite easily. The laughing sound after a puzzle was completed seems to be strangely out of place. Some kind of music in the menus at least would have brightened the mood of the game as well.


While graphics and sound are only in the median range of our score, the game really shines when it comes to controls and input. It behaves just like any other app and uses its own set of letters for the input. So it isn’t dependent on the users keyboard. Everything works just how it is supposed to and we did not encounter any kind of lag or other inconveniences.

Mobile Game Review Wuzzle Android Word Puzzle Screenshot



The idea behind “Wuzzle” is an old one. This type of word puzzle has been around for a long time and by now is an old classic. So the underlying principle is nothing special or new. Still the game manages to give the concept a makeover and brings it to mobile platforms in a playful way. It is nice to see some kind original character with the game as well.


When it comes to replayability the game does not fare as well. All in all you’ll play through the content quite fast. After that there is hardly any reason to continue playing, because the puzzles stay the same and there is no new experience. The option to connect with Facebook is hardly a big enough incentive to keep players hooked. More levels and some kind of competitive mode would greatly improve the game’s replay value.

Still, “Wuzzle” gives your brain a quick workout. Some of the puzzles are hard to crack and will keep anyone occupied for at least a little while. So fans of these games should definitely check it out on the Google Play Store. It is free after all!

Wuzzle - Rating

6.6 Good
  • Graphics 7
  • Sound 5
  • Controls 10
  • Originality 6
  • Replayability 5

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