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It is time for another game review! “Labyrinth” by Giulio D’Ambrosio puts the player into a maze that he or she has to solve as fast as possible. On the way to the goals coins and magic wands help with raising the highscore.


For a game like this the graphics don’t need to be super-fancy. “Labyrinth” took this to heart and presents you with minimal graphics. Everything is 2D and there are hardly any animations in the game. Simple graphics and a limited color palette make the game look rather plain at times. A bit more eye candy would be much appreciated. Then again you have to think about how much the graphics help the gameplay. With a look as it is now, hardly anything distracts the player from concentrating on the actual gaming experience.


There is neither sound nor music in the game. Even simple indicator sounds for picking up items are missing completely. Music isn’t all that important but basic sounds are not something a game should be missing. With nothing to actually rate here, “Labyrinth” gets zero points in this category.


The controls is where the game scored the highest. Naturally, a game all about skill and dexterity should give the player the right tools to actually play well. “Labyrinth” delivers in this regard. The tilting feels natural and the whole gaming experience came without any kind of input lag. The only gripe with a input method like this would be the calibration of the device. Is the gyroscope not tuned properly, playing games like this one becomes almost impossible.

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This type of game has been around for a long time. Not on smartphones or tablets, but in an analogue form. Now that this type of game made the jump into the digital world, clones are flooding the Play Store. So in terms of gameplay there are quite a few competitors out there that do the exact same thing. What makes this game here unique is the implementation of the magic wand item and the size of every maze.


With a game like this a highscore should be expected. As of now the version we tested had only a button for highscores and achievements working with Google Plus. So if you’re logged in with your Google Plus account, the leaderboard and the achievement becomes accessible. As Googles social network is still quite unpopular, we hope that the game will receive support for other highscore integrations in the near future. Meanwhile players can try to beat the 50 levels and train up for when the highscores go live. So there are some long-term motivators in the game or planned for future releases. Sadly all the levels seem to retain your last status, meaning the coins won’t be there if you try it a second time. There may be a lot of levels, but there is hardly any kind of real versatility here. A few more gameplay elements would spice the whole thing up and entice players to come back to it.

“Labyrinth” as it is now needs a good amount of work to truly “get there”. With the implementation of the missing features and some more enticing graphics and sounds it could be a solid little skill game. Everyone interested in trying out this free game right now can find it here on the Google Play Store.

Labyrinth - Rating

5.2 Fair

"Labyrinth" is a fun little game with great implementation of the tilting capabilies of phones and tablets. Sadly it lacks in regards to sound, graphical diversity and oiriginal concept. This is why we award this game with a "Fair".

  • Graphics 6
  • Sound 0
  • Controls 8
  • Originality 5
  • Replayability 7

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