Atari VS Indie?


Some big publishers seem to invest more time and money on attacking small indie developers instead of producing great new titles. Fred was recently wondering about Jim Wilson from Atari, who announced many new Android games to come this year but yet there is only one released .

Now we heared from Glenn Bacon, developer of very entertaining games like “Super Daddio“, that he had to change the name of his arcade game “Best Breakout” into “Wallsmasher Free”, because Atari said he was violating naming rights.

We have already reported about a similar conflict with Atari as Mark Muller, the man behind M-Spacemedia, had to change the look of his retro-mode in the game “Asteroids 2012“, after Atari complained about this mode for being to close to their Asteroids-series.

Fortunally the indie devlopers don’t give up their great work. Mark Muller has recently made an update for “Asteroid 2012 3D” and Glenn Bacon just released his next game “Jewel Bust”, which is a cute jewel shooter. Help two little monkeys that are equipped with a rubberband to shoot some rocks at the jewels. You also have to use your brain, as the rocks have to be colored rightly to break as many jewels as possible .

First check out the trailer and then check Google Play!


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