Android Game Review: Dragon And Dracula

By Hannes On 1 Jun, 2012 At 11:23 AM | Categorized As Android Game Reviews
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Hey guys, welcome to my first review! As I’m still growing up in my internship this jump and run adventure is also about growing up. You start as a tiny drake in a cave and your goal is to become a really big dragon. But you will be faced with a lot of dangers on your way. For example rats, bats and ghosts are trying to harm you and you should quickly get rid of them. But as we see in the title of the game it is especially Dracula who will do anything he can to stop your advance and he is not that easy to beat. Depending on how  strong your dragon already is you sometimes have to decide if it’s worth a fight or if you better jump to the next stage as fast as you can. Shall we jump into the adventure? Let’s go!


You can choose between normal graphics and improved graphics at the beginning and it’s also possible to change it later in the settings.  The levels are beautifully designed in a hand drawn style which let’s you enter a mysterious world. It looks a bit retro but that has not be bad at all. The main characters are also looking fairly good but some more appealing animations would make them even better. Buttons and menues have a nice dragon skin background, which fits the topic perfectly.

Graphics: 3/5


You will be asked, if you want to play in silent mode at the start which you can change later on, too. The ingame sounds are well chosen. For instance you hear a sort of ‘bling’ as you collect a coin or a crystal, a crunchy sound as you crumble a rock and last but not least the evil laughing of Dracula when he attacks.

There’s a different kind of music depending on where you are, like the adventuresome sounding fanfare on the strating screen or the different loops in every stage. The music also changes to a different tune in mini-games. Altogether the sounds are nice a listen and never annoying. They do stay back and leave room for the actual game.

Sounds: 4/5



You control the game mainly by two simple buttons, which you can easily press with your thumbs. With the left, green joystick button you can control the direction your dragon will move. By tapping underneath this button you can look downwards., whereas the right arrow button let your dragon jump. Unfortunately, the jumping animation is kind of ponderous. As jumping is the main part of the game there could be an improvement of the way the dragon performs his jumps.

Sometimes a star appears at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it and you will be able to choose from 3 perks. As your dragon gets older you will get addiotional attack buttons. With those additional controls it gets a little bit harder to handle the game.

Controls: 3/5


Your achieved points will be entered in a local highscore, if you want it. If you register the game at the developers page you can send your highscore to compare your score with other players, too. It’s a very special feature that you can make your dragon grow by collecting crystals. There’s a XP bar underneath the avatar of your dragon, which shows you how developed you dragon already is.

You also should collect coins for getting perks (like temporarily available abillities) and special items. The special items can be bought in an ingame shop and will help you to customize your dragon. Some of the coins and crystals are hidden, so watch out! All your treasures and achievements are stored in your cave. You can enter it after finishing a level or while you’re on the strating screen. Additionally you can unlock mini-games after finishing several levels.

Also there are many different tasks you have to solve so you never get bored, but there is a lack of replayability when you’ve finished the game.

Scope: 4/5



In this game, design and story are brought togehter in a very pleasant way. You always  have the feeling of travelling through a nice little magical place with strange and sometimes funny creatures. You can easily relate to the hero of the game and you will be thrilled helping this loveley dragon to master all challenges. Some small improvements already mentioned before could lift the rating in this category even higher.

Atmosphere: 4/5

Fun Factor:

It was great to follow the little dragon on his journey.  The levels are quite challenging and lenghty when you have to wait a bit for the right moment to jump to the next platform, but after some exercise you will get the trick. Attention: you could get captured by the story and spend a lot of time collecting all those items and stuff.

Fun Factor: 4/5



To sum up, Dragon And Dracula is a great game, and if you like jump and run games this one could get one of your favorites.


Reviewed by Hannes Hartl.